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Bible Knowledge Quiz (Answers)

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1.  How many books are in the Bible?  66

2.  The Bible was written over a span of approximately how many years?  1,500-2,000

3.  How many different authors contributed to the Bible?  40

4.  How many books are in the Old Testament?  39


5.  In the Old Testament, what are the five main sections of books?

                               1) LAW  

                               2) HISTORY  

                               3) POETRY                 

                               4) MAJOR PROPHETS

                               5) MINOR PROPHETS

 Five Books


quill and scroll

 6.  How many books are in the New Testament?  27                   


7.  In the New Testament, how many Gospels are there?  4                     


8.  Who wrote the most books of the Bible?  Paul                 


9.  When were chapters and verses added to the Scriptures?  by 1500s         


10.  Who wrote the majority of the Psalms?  David

11.  Which is believed to be the last Gospel written?  John 

12. Just for fun, write as many Old Testament books as you can. Try to do it in order, too:

 _Genesis_____   ___Exodus______   ___Leviticus____   ___Numbers_____   ____Deuteronomy

 _Joshua______   ___Judges______   ___Ruth________   ___1 Samuel_____   ____2 Samuel____

 _1 Kings______   ___2 Kings______  ___1 Chronicles__   __2 Chronicles___   ____Ezra________

 _Nehemiah____   ___Esther______   ___Job_________   ___Psalms_______   ____Proverbs____

 _Ecclesiastes__   Song of Solomon_   ___Isaiah_______   __Jeremiah______   ___Lamentations_

 _Ezekiel______   ___Daniel_______   ___Hosea_______   ___Joel_________   ____Amos______

 __Obadiah____   ___Jonah_______   ___Micah_______   ____Nahum______   ___Habakkuk____

 _Zephaniah___   ___Haggai______   ___Zechariah____   ____Malachi______   _______________


13. Now, try the New Testament books. Write as many as you can, in order if possible:

 _Matthew____   ___Mark________   __Luke_________   ____John_______   ____Acts________

 _Romans______   __1 Corinthians_   __2 Corinthians__   ___Galatians____   ____Ephesians___

 _Philippinas____   __Colossians___   _1 Thessalonians_   _2 Thessalonians   ___1 Timothy___

 _2 Timothy___   ____Titus______   ___Philemon______   ___Hebrews_____   ____James______

 _1 Peter_____   ____2 Peter____   ___1 John________   ___2 John_______   ___3 John______

 _Jude________   ___Revelation___   _______________   _______________   _______________


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