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Skills or Talents given by God (See also Spiritual Gifts and Talents)

"There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit" (1 Corrinthians 12: 4)

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Members Gifted to Serve
Sometimes it is easier for others to see our gifts than it is for us to see them ourselves.


Members Ailment Race
All of us will face hardships in life, but those who continue to run the race despite their afflictions will win in the end.


Members Kingdom Living
This lesson will help students understand that God has uniquely equipped each of them to work for His Kingdom.
Members Life: It's Not A Game
Life can be difficult at times. These lessons will inspire students to accept God's challenges in life and seize opportunities to serve Him.
Members Spiritual Gifts
A three week lesson series covering Spiritual Gifts. What are they? What is my Spiritual Gift? and How can I use my gift?
Members The Challenge
Lifeís not a game where we try to satisfy our own desires. Itís a challenge that God has given us to serve Him.
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