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Fairness, receiving what is deserved (See also mercy, wrath)


Members Grace & Justice
This lesson helps students understand that both grace and justice can come from the same God.
Members Injustice
This lesson teaches students that the Lord wants believers to recognize, confront, and correct injustice in a Christlike manner.
Members It's Not Fair!
Things in this life do not always seem fair. In this lesson, we are reminded that everything is in God's hands, not ours, and what happens after this life is final and just.
Members Peter and Cornelius
This lesson teaches that God loves all people groups and that no one is off limits to the Gospel.
Members Rescued By Grace
It is by grace alone that we are rescued from the perils of our sin. This wonderful gift from God needs to be reflected in our own lives.
Members The Kingdom: King David (Part 2)
As students continue their study of David, they are encouraged to live united and just lives.
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