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Always thinking and acting in a way pleasing to God (See also Godliness)


Members A Life of Love
Students learn that a Christian life is a life lived in love.
Members Anger
This lesson helps students develop a plan for dealing with their anger in a Christlike manner.
Members I Must Be Perfect to Come to Church
We are God's Workmanship created to do good works, but we do not have to be perfect before coming to Christ--Come as you are!
Members Job: Man of Perseverance
Discover Biblical strategies on how to withstand trials and worship God no matter what.
Members Looking on the Inside
A person's spiritual condition is more than outward apperances or actions, but rather his or her deep, internal devotion to Jesus.
Members Psalm 1
This lesson help students see the difference between the lifestyle of one who is righteous and one who is wicked.
Members Rahab: Woman of Righteousness
True belief in God will affect the way in which we live our lives.
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