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Serving in unexpected ways to provide for another person or community in need. (See also serving, evangelism)


Free Destination Unknown
This outreach project allows God to determine the place and the need.


Free Mud Volleyball
A great way to cool off on a hot summer day, promote fellowship, and reach out to the community for Jesus.


Members Abortion
Educate students on the impact abortion has had on our society
Members Ananias and Paul
This lesson confronts students with the hard truth that they are commanded to love their enemies.
Members Evangelism (Be a Big Mouth)
Five lessons on how to share your faith to others, providing several methods based on real examples from the Bible.
Members God's Light
Students are introduced to the book of 1 John that teaches us ways in which we can live "in the Light."
Members Peter and Cornelius
This lesson teaches that God loves all people groups and that no one is off limits to the Gospel.
Members Racism
Do you or your students have racist inclinations? As Christians, we should be color blind, because Christ is the Savior of all.
Members The Time of Your Life
To expose students to the truth that life is short and that they should use their time on earth to serve God.


Free October Glow
A great skit to perform during the Halloween season. Two young adults celebrating a familiar fall festival in a non-traditional way gives one a new kind of glow. A halloween skit for teens. (2 speaking parts, about 15 minutes)

Tips For Leaders

Free Outreach: Event Ideas
Great ideas to help your teen or youth group become involved in reaching out to others for Jesus.
Free Outreach: Getting Them to Show Up
Question: What is the best way to get students to show up to your meetings?
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