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Obstructions, walls, or hurdles that stands in the way of progress and must be removed (see also difficulties, burdens, hardship)


Free Life's Hurdles
Life's problems wouldn't be called "hurdles" if there wasn't a way to get over them.


Members Ailment Race
All of us will face hardships in life, but those who continue to run the race despite their afflictions will win in the end.
Members The Human Wall
A game to show how we must penetrate the walls blocking our spiritual path so we can share the truth of Christ more effectively.


Members Early Obstacles
Through a study of the life of the early Church, students learn that there is great difficulty associated with a life lived for Christ, which must be endured for the sake of the Gospel.
Members Free to Live
Students are challenged to recognize that they are called to freedom by breaking the shackles of sin and instead submit their lives to Jesus.
Members God's Power in Action
"Walls" hinder our influence as Christians and must be destroyed. In this lesson, we build a bridge from Jericho to the New Testament to discover how no "wall" is impenetrable through the Gospel of Christ.
Members Life in the Wilderness
This lesson allows students to explore how God provided for the Israelites when they were in the wilderness. Additionally, this lesson demonstrates how God is present in the studentsí lives currently.
Members Life: It's Not A Game
Life can be difficult at times. These lessons will inspire students to accept God's challenges in life and seize opportunities to serve Him.
Members The Apostles In Prison
This lesson inspires students to be faithful in the face of opposition.
Members The Challenge
Lifeís not a game where we try to satisfy our own desires. Itís a challenge that God has given us to serve Him.
Members The Supremacy of Endurance
This lesson teaches the importance of developing an enduring faith, a faith which will enable us to endure to the end.
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