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The celebration of the birth of Christ, the birth of our Savior.


Free All I Want For Christmas
A three week series that educates students on the symbolism of the gifts given by the Magi and their understanding of Jesus.
Free Frankincense
Students examine how the Magi's gift of Frankincense represents Jesus as our High Priest.
Members God is With Us
This Christmas lesson compares Old Testament prophecy with New Testament truths to bring a deeper spiritual understanding to the coming of our Lord, Immanuel.
Free Gold
Students examine how the Magi's gift of gold represents Jesus as King.
Free Myrrh
Students learn about the significance of myrrh used in worship within the Bible.
Members What Do You Know About Jesus?
The birth of Jesus is meaningless if it does not change us somehow. This lesson inspires the students with different ways of relating to Jesus so they can focus more on Him this Christmas.


Members Christmas Past, Christmas Present
Student Ministry Drama - Alex's bitter experience of Christmas past leads to his receiving the true joy of Christmas present. (10 speaking parts, about 30 minutes)
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