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All I Want For Christmas

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Series Workbook (PDF) Click here

A three week series that educates students on the symbolism of the gifts given by the Magi and their understanding of Jesus.
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  • Week one examines how the gift of gold represents Jesus as King.
  • Week two looks into how the gift of frankincense is related to Jesus being our High Priest.
  • Week three explains how the gift of myrrh symbolizes Jesus' sacrifice for us.


Lesson 1 - Gold

Students examine how the Magi's gift of gold represents Jesus as King.
View Lesson 1

Lesson 2 - Frankincense

Students examine how the Magi's gift of Frankincense represents Jesus as our High Priest.
View Lesson 2

Lesson 3 - Myrrh

Students learn about the significance of myrrh used in worship within the Bible.
View Lesson 3

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