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Mud Volleyball

A great way to cool off on a hot summer day, promote fellowship, and reach out to the community for Jesus.


Community Outreach, Fellowship, Witnessing, Boredom Buster


Mud volleyball court, volleyballs, net
Hoses, refreshments


One full day

  girl in mud


What you will do:

There is nothing like a good old-fashioned game of volleyball in the mud to cool off a hot summer day, promote fellowship, and reach out to the community for Jesus.

Start by sectioning off an area of ground to provide a 30-by-60 foot pit. Remove the sod, till the remaining dirt to about 12 inches deep and fill with water. In no time, you have a soupy mix of mud and an inviting place for teens to have fun. Just add the net and you are ready to go.

Hook up several hoses for clean-up after the game, and have plenty of refreshments on hand.

Be sure to promote the game. Make sure to announce it to everyone in church, even the adults, and to the surrounding neighborhoods. Encourage everyone in your youth group to invite all their un-churched friends and relatives.

Play any volleyball rules you like, but encourage fair and friendly competition. Mix up the players so each team has an equal number of girls and guys. Dress should be very modest, no short shorts, or skimpy tops. Have of plenty of adult supervision.

After a dirty game of mud volleyball, it’s time for clean-up. The clean-up can be as much fun as the game. Turn on the hoses and let the water pour in all directions. It’s not easy to get rid of all the mud.

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