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Directions given from someone who knows what is right (See also leadership)


Members Follow the Instructions
Sometimes the best way to accomplish the task is to completely follow the instructions. We can only accomplish God's Will for us by following His Instructions.


Free The Spirit Who Guides Us
Can one team produce an exact copy of another team's creation without seeing it? Remember, the power of the Holy Spirit guides us in truth, if we only listen.
Free Who Is Leading Whom?
Leaders are not always perfect. Sometimes a true leader is hard to find. However, when we allow Jesus to be the Lord of our life, He will never lead us astray.


Members Abortion
Educate students on the impact abortion has had on our society
Members After the Kingdom - Ezra
This Sunday school lesson will encourage humble repentance among students.
Members Can Jesus Make You See?
In this lesson, students are taught to take up the cause of Christ and help others see spiritually although some will want to remain spiritually blind.
Free How Did We Get The Bible?
First lesson on Bible Basics, lesson emphasis - How Did We Get the Bible?
Members Moses: Man of Willingness
This study on the life of Moses illustrates how God will use simple, everyday people to accomplish His purposes. All He needs are willing vessels.
Members Pillar of Fire / Cloud
Through this lesson, students learn that God is sovereign and that He provides His people with guidance and protection.
Members Psalm 23
This lesson teaches students that Jesus is a loving shepherd who loving guides us to house of the Lord.
Members The Burning Bush
In this lesson, students learn that God not only equips those He calls, but that He goes before them.
Members The Journey
There are lots of people and situations that call for your obedience. One thing is certain: you’re always obeying SOMEONE.
Members The Kingdom - Prophets of the Kingdom
This lesson introduces students to the prophets of the Old Testament.
Free The Truth About Authority
How can we respect those who have authority over us? What if we disagree? The truth is God commands us to respect our leaders.
Free Truth or Dare? (Part 1)
A bibical study on Truth, how it effects us and how we can live in the Truth. (Part 1 of a two part series)
Members Up For Grabs
This week's lesson will help students deal with those nagging questions regarding Christianity.
Free What is Truth?
Delve into what is Truth and what is not Truth.

Tips For Leaders

Free Teaching: Before and After
Sometimes the best teaching occurs outside the lesson.
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