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Resources and ideas for teen and youth ministry. If you have a Christian web site with great ideas or useful material, and would like to be included in our links section, please contact us.

Tips for Leaders

Bible Walks This very interesting site assists in Bible research and reference, conducts virtual tours to the Holy land places, and helps the viewer absorb the spirit of the Biblical life.
Bible Sprout Bible resources that grow your faith.
Big Picture Creations Creates visuals that compel people to connect with Christ, through the use of props, sets and themed environments.
Center for Parent and Youth Understanding  Through a multitude of resources, CPYU helps parents, youth workers, educators, and others understand teenagers and their culture so that they will be better equipped to help them navigate the challenging world of adolescence. Christian based answers to a multitude of common questions asked by teens today, about life, dating, current issues, the Bible, religion and much more? Get connected to others serving Christ through Children's Ministry Get connected to others serving Christ through Student's Ministry
DramaShare Assisting in Christian drama ministry worldwide with a full range of resources for the amateur or professional.
Sunday School Lesson Connections Over thirty unique Bible lesson plans for teens. Suitable for Junior High and High School age Sunday school and youth groups.  Many other resources and valuable tips for a successful teen ministry.
The Source for Youth Ministry Helping youth workers reach kids for Christ
Youth Group Games Coming up with great games can be  challenging. This site aims to solve the problem by providing a tool to help you find the prefect game for any type of church event, youth ministry, or small group. Comprehensive network and online resource for youth pastors and teachers working with youth and teens.
Youth Specialties Real help for real ministries
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