Help for Youth Ministry

You've got the calling. You've got the resources. But you still need some help!


We here at Teen Sunday School Place want to be available to you to help you feel fully equipped to do what God has called you to do. That's why we're offering individualized training for you and your team that is specific to your community, church, and youth ministry. With tons of flexibility and very little cost to you and your congregation, you can receive top-notch training, encouragement, and specialized attention to help you ministry go to the next level. Read on to find out more!

Skype Sessions

Live chats are available to members of Teen Sunday School Place via Skype and can come in two forms. The first is Skype Conversations. If you have this web-based video chat capability, we can schedule a time (usually 30 minutes to an hour) to discuss the unique issues facing your ministry where you are. These free-flowing conversations are sure to address the needs you feel are most pressing, and help you do ministry more effectively with your students. There are also pre-packed Skype Training Sessions, in which you can choose from a menu of topics. Relax and enjoy a 45 minute training session from a youth ministry veteran. There will be time after the presentation for questions, allowing you to customize the content for your group.

In Person Training

For the cost of travel expenses (which will vary depending upon your location), we can bring a youth ministry veteran to your church for individual, customized training. Whether you are doing youth ministry on your own or in a team, these sessions can address specific needs you are seeing in your work, or provide general training sessions about youth culture, teaching methodology, goal-setting, leading small groups effectively, and more. If you're interested in bringing a TSSP representative to your church, simply let us know and we'll start the process of assisting you in ministry--live and in person!

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