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Members Only Before it's Over
When the end is near, what do you value the most? Four scenarios to ponder, before it's over.
Free Bums or Angels?
Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2 NIV
Members Only Church Building Project
The Church is people sharing their talents and Spiritual gifts. When we isolate ourselves and refuse to share, we miss out on what God wants for us.
Members Only Compliment Hat
How do others see me? How do I see myself? An activity that is sure to be an encouragement and a boost of self-esteem.
Members Only Crown of Life
When it comes to faith, the Gospel of Jesus is like a crown of beautiful jewels.
Free Destination Unknown
This outreach project allows God to determine the place and the need.
Members Only Discriminatory Behavior
No matter the circumstances, we should be ready and willing to share our faith.
Members Only Follow the Instructions
Sometimes the best way to accomplish the task is to completely follow the instructions. We can only accomplish God's Will for us by following His Instructions.
Members Only Gifted to Serve
Sometimes it is easier for others to see our gifts than it is for us to see them ourselves.
Members Only Great Story
Students tell stories about some of the great experience in their lives and compare it to sharing the Good News of Christ.
Free Helping the Blind See
Meet some modern-day, blind beggars who just needed to be touched by Jesus to see the light.
Free Helping Those in Need
People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.
Free Housecleaning
For there to be room for Jesus, we may need to do some housecleaning. Jesus wants to be the most important one to us, the Lord of our lives.
Free How Do Others Read Me?
When you get together and talk with friends, what are you most like? Copy this page and hand out to the class. Great for an icebreaker or group-building exercise.
Members Only How to Survive
Can your group reach an agreement quickly enough to survive?
Members Only How Well Do You Know Me?
Close friendships aren't made overnight, it takes time to really get to know another person.
Members Only I Can Dance, You Can Dance
A lively, hand clapping, outgoing way to break the ice and greet each other.
Free It's My Money
A silent auction, where everyone is given one hundred dollars to bid on what they want the most.
Free Lasting Influence
Who are the people who make a lasting influence on us?
Free Let's Party
A great celebration is not the same for everyone. By sharing what your ideal party would be like, you can also reveal a little about yourself.
Free Life's Hurdles
Life's problems wouldn't be called "hurdles" if there wasn't a way to get over them.
Free Lots of Stuff
We all spend a lot of time and energy trying to do many things, but do we spend time on what's really important?
Members Only Matching Gifts to Needs
Opportunities to use our spiritual gifts are all around us. We just have to be willing to find the needs.
Free Memorable Moments in Acts
A look into the memorable moments that made the Church at Philippi and the Philippians very special to the Apostle Paul.
Members Only Mirror Me
Ephesians 5:1 instructs us to be imitators of God. This activity demonstrates that we must pay close attention to that which we wish to imitate.
Members Only More than Meets the Eye
Things in this life are not always as they appear.
Members Only My House
Life can be like a house with many rooms. Which rooms of your life does Christ have control?
Members Only Mystery, Mystery
There is nothing better than solving a good mystery!
Members Only No Whining
Students get clued in on how much and how often they really complain.
Members Only Noise
An activity to show the affects noise can have on our relationships with other people and with God.
Members Only Partners
A silent search around the room to find a famous counterpart.
Members Only Pass the Yarn
A great activity to break the ice and to let others get to know you.
Members Only Perseverance
Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:4 NIV
Members Only Picking a Fight
When is it okay to be angry?
Members Only Real Versus Fake
We prefer the items in our life to be authentic, but sadly we live in a world full of imitations.
Free Revealing Colors
A friendly way to get to know each other and spread around a little color.
Free Secret Service
Community service projects for teens, which can be done in as little as an hour, or you can combine some to make for a wild day of service.
Free Spiritual Gifts Analysis
A simple and quick survey to provide a general analysis of gifted areas one may possess to serve Christ.
Free Standing On Common Ground
It might be surprising to find out what you have in common with others standing around you.
Members Only Strength in Numbers
Some things are impossible to do alone, but with the help of others, we can work together to easily accomplish our goals.
Members Only Take a Stand
Students take a stand for what they believe is morally unacceptable behavior for a believer.
Members Only Taking Sides
Taking sides is sometimes easy, but what about when it comes to matters of faith?
Members Only The Line
You must stand for something or you will fall for anything. To stand strong you must know what you believe.
Members Only The Perfect Church
This side of Heaven the perfect church will be hard to find, but we can still work, plan, and pray to make the church what it ought to be.
Members Only Trust Circle
This exercise uses a circle of friends to show the significance of trusting God and others.
Free Trust Fall
A familiar challenge to show the importance of trusting others and commitment.
Members Only Truth or Hoax?
Jesus is no hoax. However, this activity uses a little trickery to show how some people can so easily believe in foolish and deceptive nonsense.
Members Only What Do They Believe?
A quick quiz to discover how much students know about different people and religions, and what they believe.
Members Only What Would You Do?
(Conversation Starters) A simple way to get everyone talking about how they would react when faced with Spiritual dilemmas.
Free Who's the Loud Mouth?
It's not hard to pick out the loudest one in a crowd, especially if there is only one person yelling.
Members Only You Belong to Jesus
Be Encouraged! You are fearfully and wonderfully made!


Members Only A Little Room, Please
Sometimes we need to clear some space in order to make room for what really matters. This is especially true when it comes to our spiritual life.
Members Only Ailment Race
All of us will face hardships in life, but those who continue to run the race despite their afflictions will win in the end.
Members Only Am I Free?
What if you had to ask permission to do whatever you wanted to do? An exercise in Christian freedom.
Members Only Angels, Demons, & Humans
A competitive team game, that is full of suspense and action, which mimics the battle between good and evil.
Members Only Back Me Up
As the group grows larger and larger, it becomes more difficult to stand, but it can be done when everyone backs each other up.
Members Only Betrayal
There have been many famous betrayals throughout history. Will your friends betray you for the sake of having a little fun?
Free Bible Authors
Hidden in this word search are the names of thirty-three different authors, who wrote one or more books of the Bible.
Free Blanket Name Game
A fun and fast-paced icebreaker that helps students learn each other's names.
Members Only Bop the Veggie
A lively, fun, and fast-paced game that can be used to break the ice.
Members Only Candy Clutch
Teams compete to get more than their fair share of candy.
Members Only Change Ways
This game demonstrates how important it is to change ways when we realize we are not headed in the right direction.
Members Only Chaos Balls
Chaos is quickly introduced into what should be a simple task.
Members Only Church Building
Building great things requires teamwork. God chose people, working together, using their individual gifts and strengths, to overcome any difficulties to build and lead His church.
Members Only Claim to Fame
A life of influence outlasts a life of fame.
Members Only Deal or No Deal
This is a fun way to introduce the concept of making deals and making choices.
Free Dizzy Bat Race
A hilarious game that demonstrates the importance of self-control.
Free Don't Blow Your Nose
A great group game that involves a lot of people and moves fast.
Members Only Eliminator
Follow the leader, with a twist!
Members Only Famous Last Words
Dying words can tell us a lot about a person's life. Can you identify who said these famous last lines?
Members Only Fast Talkers
In this game, you need to talk fast, but think even faster to get your story out.
Free Five Things You Need To Know About Me
An icebreaking game that was designed to discover interesting or humorous facts about each other.
Members Only Flying Toilet Paper
Some people are full of hot air, this game uncovers who they are.
Free Group Juggling
A fast-paced icebreaker that helps students learn each other's names while connecting to the group.
Members Only Historical Fact or Fabrication?
Can you recognize what is historical fact and what is complete historical fabrication? Truth is often stranger than fiction, or is it?
Members Only How Much Time?
We all have a limited amount of time in life. The problem is, we often don't know how long it takes to do what we want or need to do.
Members Only I Am Famous
Famous celebrities help students break the ice.
Members Only I Got the Music In Me
Students love music; therefore, students love this game.
Members Only Juggling Act
We tend to juggle a lot of different things in life, but Christ should be the center of every priority, not another task on the list.
Members Only Light Killer
A fast-paced group game that that involves teamwork, coordination, and nerves of steel.
Members Only Message in a Bottle
The point of this game is in the message. What will you do with it?
Members Only Money Hungry
The players in this game expose the human tendency towards greed.
Free Most Popular
Do you know what teens want to be? In this game, contestants get points for correctly guessing the most popular answers given by their peers.
Free Mud Volleyball
A great way to cool off on a hot summer day, promote fellowship, and reach out to the community for Jesus.
Members Only No Ums
A fast past game to avoid saying the wrong thing.
Members Only Not Just a Name Game
God puts some ordinary people together to work in powerful ways. In this game, teams put the names of ordinary people together to make some unusual short stories.
Members Only One Way Maze
In today's society, one thing people struggle with is that Christianity claims to be the only way to God.
Free Pass It On
Sharing our faith is not always easy, but in this simple game, we see how others benefit when we do.
Members Only Plus One
A game to reveal how quickly stuff adds up, while at the same time testing your memorizing skills.
Free Quick Draw
Similar to the game Pictionary®, teams quickly draw out familiar words or phrases from the Bible to gain the most points.
Members Only Rescue Me!
Do you have the courage and the knowledge to continue it alone, or do you need to be rescued?
Members Only Scoop Up Scuffle
A friendly, yet competitive game, with hilarious results.
Members Only Scooter Ball
This game will have kids flying around the room by the seat of their pants.
Members Only Ten Pennies
A fast action icebreaker involving pairing up, survivalist interaction, and possibly coming away with some cash. What a game!
Free Thanksgiving Believe It or Not!
See how well your students know some historical facts about Thanksgiving.
Members Only The Hot Button
A fast paced game that pits teams against one another and their knowledge of today's hot topics.
Members Only The Human Wall
A game to show how we must penetrate the walls blocking our spiritual path so we can share the truth of Christ more effectively.
Members Only The New Friend Game
How well do you know a friend? Students see how well they know a new friend by trying to guess how he or she will answer a few revealing questions.
Free The Spirit Who Guides Us
Can one team produce an exact copy of another team's creation without seeing it? Remember, the power of the Holy Spirit guides us in truth, if we only listen.
Members Only Time Line
As students race to get to know one another, time is of the essence.
Free Top Ten
A variety of top ten lists for breaking the ice or just for fun. How well can you guess the top ten?
Free Two Truths - One Lie
How easy is it to fall for a lie? A game of deductive reasoning.
Members Only Unseen Reality
How can we know something exists, if we can't see it?
Members Only Wall of Perseverance
How long can you persevere under pressure? We often grow physically tired, but we can also become spiritually weary.
Members Only We Will Persevere
A challenging game that requires some skill, and much perseverance.
Free What's My Fancy?
Earn the most points to show how well you know the persons sitting next to you.
Free Who Is Leading Whom?
Leaders are not always perfect. Sometimes a true leader is hard to find. However, when we allow Jesus to be the Lord of our life, He will never lead us astray.
Members Only Whose Voice is That?
We can have confidence that God is talking to us through His Scriptures.
Members Only Whose Voice Will You Follow?
In this unforgettable game, following the wrong voice can lead to a place you don't want to be. It is important to listen for and follow the voice of the one who leads to salvation.


Members Only Another Good Samaritan
This skit shows how actions put into words and words put into actions define a person. A modern twist on the popular Bible story with a provocative question of who needs help. (8 speaking parts, about 15 minutes)
Members Only Chameleon
Jesus said of the hypocrite, "These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me." Mark 7:6
Members Only Christmas Past, Christmas Present
Student Ministry Drama - Alex's bitter experience of Christmas past leads to his receiving the true joy of Christmas present. (10 speaking parts, about 30 minutes)
Members Only Clean Water
Through this skit students learn that they can have more abundant and fulfilling lives when they follow Jesus.
Free Lesson Series Introduction Videos
Show these short videos to help introduce and draw special attention to selected youth lesson series.
Members Only My New Dad
A young girl discovers the joy of being adopted by a kind and loving father.
Free October Glow
A great skit to perform during the Halloween season. Two young adults celebrating a familiar fall festival in a non-traditional way gives one a new kind of glow. A halloween skit for teens. (2 speaking parts, about 15 minutes)
Free You Dirty Demons
Many demons can possess a man, but the Lord can see the real person inside. In this skit, the Lord speaks, and the demons freak. (3 speaking parts, about 7 minutes)

Object Talks

Members Only All Messed Up
We became disconnected and broken back in the Garden of Eden. Ever since, we have unsuccessfully tried to put things back together.
Free Behind a Twenty-Dollar Bill
The significance of a twenty dollar bill is not the paper, but what is behind it. The significance of communion is the same way.
Members Only Black Stones
Do you have a burden, concern, or a black stone weighing you down? Cast your anxiety on Jesus because He cares for you.
Members Only Chisel Away
We are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works. We just need God to do some chiseling.
Members Only Color Blind
It is important that every believer use his or her spiritual gifts for the Church to function properly.
Free Distractions
There are many distractions that can keep us from giving Jesus the right focus in our life.
Free Eyes, Hands, and Mouth
A visual display of three types of biblical relationships: Above, Around, and Below.
Members Only From Chains to Freedom
It doesn't take long for the chains of sin to hold you captive, but Jesus is the key to freedom.
Members Only Fruit of the Spirit
We all know what happens to a basket of fresh fruit. We eat it or it rots. However, the Holy Spirit produces Fruit of the Spirit in us that is everlasting.
Members Only Get Unfrozen
A cool object lesson about how some Christians freeze up when it comes to witnessing.
Members Only How to Clean a Dirty Life
The guilt and shame of sin leaves us feeling dirty. However, there is no mess that Jesus cannot clean.
Members Only Infinite Outcomes
Every person in the Church is important and every person has a place.
Members Only Living Sacrifice
Through laying down our life in Jesus, we will actually find life.
Members Only Not Amused
Don't allow Satan to use amusement as a vehicle to deceive you, dumb you down, lull you to sleep, or make you apathetic to the cause of Christ.
Members Only Perfect Mix
Are you made with the right stuff? With Jesus, we can be the perfect mix.
Free Pure Gospel
We must only put our faith in the pure Gospel of Christ.
Members Only Reality Check
How do you know if something is real? An object talk to help students contemplate the reality of God.
Members Only Remodeling the Mind
God is interested in transforming our lives by renewing our minds.
Members Only Rock Under Water
A visual display to describe the Christian significance of the Greek word for Baptism.
Members Only Spiritual Habits
Habits develop through repetition. By developing good spiritual habits, we deepen our relationship with God.
Members Only Stale and Lukewarm
"If religion is worth anything, it is worth everything." Matthew Henry
Members Only Stale to the World
It's easy for life to become stale, unless you wrap yourself in Jesus!
Members Only Too Many Vines
Jesus requires that we submit every aspect of our lives to His control.
Members Only Trust My Life With It
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me
Members Only You Have A Friend Request
Imagine if Jesus were living on earth today. Would He have a Facebook account? How would you react if you received a "friend request" from Jesus?

Tips for Leaders

Free Accountability: Remembering Who You Work For
One of the most difficult things about working with youth is understanding who it is you really answer to.
Free Accountability: The Praying Youth Worker
It’s been said that when we work, we work; however, when we pray, God works.
Free Behavior Issues: Counseling Teens in Crisis
What do you do in moments that demand instant response? How do you react when a kid is in crisis? Who can you tell? Who do you have to tell?
Free Behavior Issues: Discipline
When teaching teens, dealing with disciplinary issues just comes with the territory.
Free Behavior Issues: Disruptive Behavior
What do you do when students seem out of control? How do you deal with disruptive behavior?
Free Communication: Active Listening
Active listening will dramatically improve the way in which you communicate.
Free Communication: Connecting with Volunteers
If you lead a ministry in which you have a number of people helping you, it is important to foster an environment of good communication.
Free Communication: How to Lead a Good Discussion
In any group, discussion can be a hard thing to lead. However, if you keep in mind a few things, the discussion will flourish and bring your lesson to life.
Free Communication: I Wish I Knew
Twenty-one things I wish I knew when I began in student ministry.
Free Communication: I’m Not Just Kidding
Using Humor Effectively in Teaching Teens and Young Adults
Free Communication: Organizing Groups for Discussion
Methods to organize small groups for better discussion.
Free Communication: Partnering With Parents
Four practical suggestions on how to invite parents to participate in the discipleship of their student.
Free Communication: The Newcomer
Bridging the communication gap between the newcomer and the rest of the class
Free Communication: Youth Ministry - The Rule of Thirds
There is one thing every successful student pastor does that should be passed onto all the wide-eyed hopeful rookies out there.
Free Communications: Praying for Your Students
Prayer needs to be an essential part of youth ministry.
Free Group Building: Becoming One (Achieving Unity)
A question often asked is, “How can we unify our group?” Whether you encounter aggressive boys or drama among the girls, there are many obstacles along the path toward mutual respect and unity.
Free Group Building: Don't Do It Alone
Some of us try to build our youth ministries alone even though we do not live any other part of our lives that way.
Free Group Building: Faces in the Crowd
In your group, you have a wide variety of kids. Knowing how to manage these differences is important for successful group discussion.
Free Group Building: No Solo Flights
Ministry is, by its very nature, a team effort. Don't try to do it alone.
Free Motivation: Appreciating Volunteers
Four tips to let your volunteers know you appreciate them being on the team.
Free Motivation: Defeating Discouragement
Overcoming Discouragement and Staying Motivated.
Free Motivation: Getting Started
One of the hardest parts of ministering to teens is how to get started. What do you do when you have absolutely nothing? Where do you even begin?
Free Old Curriculum Schedules (DO NOT PUBLISH)
Free Outreach: Event Ideas
Great ideas to help your teen or youth group become involved in reaching out to others for Jesus.
Free Outreach: Getting Them to Show Up
Question: What is the best way to get students to show up to your meetings?
Free Outreach: Planning a Gathering
Teenagers love to get together. No matter what kind of gathering you are holding with your students, it’s important that you set things up to succeed.
Free Outreach: Printable Postcards
Colorful, attention-grabbing, printable postcards, perfect to drop in the mail to make students feel special.
Free Outreach: Retreats and Camp Out Ideas
Ideas for Retreats and Teen Camp Outs
Free Special Events: Celebrating Rites of Passage
One of the most satisfying things in working with teenagers is watching them grow from kids into young men and women.
Free Teaching: Age Appropriate Teaching
To keep students interested, it is essential to use age-appropriate teaching.
Free Teaching: Before and After
Sometimes the best teaching occurs outside the lesson.
Free Teaching: Building Better Relationships
It is absolutely essential and crucial for the leader of a small group to deepen individual relationships on a personal basis with each person in his or her small group.
Free Teaching: Co-Learning
Sometimes, those of us who teach can take ourselves too seriously. We get stressed out about our roles, confused about our audience, and worried that we're going to mess something up.
Free Teaching: Constructing a Lesson Outline
Whether you use our lessons or write your own, crafting a good outline is essential to teaching well.
Free Teaching: Creative Spaces
Jesus taught using creative spaces, so consider space as part of your lesson. Creative spaces can be great teaching tools.
Free Teaching: Creativity Counts
The most effective lessons are those the students remember. Memorable lessons require a certain amount of creativity.
Free Teaching: Expect the Unexpected
Nobody wants to be caught off guard when teaching. But we’ve all had those “uh-oh” moments when the discussion went further than what we had planned.
Free Teaching: Getting Help
No one person can effectively minister to a hundred students. Jesus only had twelve disciples with whom He was really close, and three of those seemed closer than the rest. No matter what the size of your group is, you could probably use some help finding the right people.
Free Teaching: Good Leaders Follow
The Bible makes it plain that if we want to lead, we need to conquer following first.
Free Teaching: Involving Parents
As leaders of youth ministries, it should be our goal to minister with parents, not around them.
Free Teaching: Keep Learning
If you are going to teach the Bible, you have to keep learning yourself.
Free Teaching: Know Your Audience
Before you ever get up and teach a lesson it’s important that you know your audience.
Free Teaching: Knowing Youth Culture
The work of a youth leader is often very similar to that of a cross-cultural missionary.
Free Teaching: Remembering Names
A name is important to students. Learning their name is crucial to effectively leading them.
Free Teaching: Teaching Like Jesus
By using the teaching style of Jesus as a model, we'll surely grow in our effectiveness of instructing others about Jesus Himself.
Free Teaching: The Importance of Being Biblical
It may sound obvious, but as a teacher of students, it is essential that your teaching remain Bible-centered.
Free Teaching: Why Choose an Online Curriculum?
Why choose an online curriculum? The answer is simple: Convenience, Cost Effectiveness, Customization, and Quality.
Free test video
Free Time Management: A Deep Well
How to keep spiritually fit. Even Jesus couldn’t keep pouring Himself out again and again without recognizing His own need to fill His well.
Free Time Management: A Good Tired
Are you tired? As a youth minister, there are many demands for your time and numerous expectations to fulfill. Do not be discouraged.
Free Time Management: Balancing Act
How to ride a teeter-totter without falling off. (Balancing the Ups and Downs of marriage, ministry, and everything else.)
Free Vision: Are You Called to Teach Teens?
This is an important question that we hear often: How does one really know if they are called to minister to teens?
Free Witnessing: Sharing the Gospel
“God wants all men to come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9. We, as leaders of students, share that passion, and everything we do is focused on introducing Jesus to our students.

Topical Index

Free Holidays
Free Word Puzzles & Mazes


Members Only (Lack of) Faith of Our Fathers
Complete honesty is not always easy, as we learn from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Sometimes the truth hurts, but we are called to be honest people.
Members Only 1 & 2 Peter
This series encourages students to have faith—born out of salvation—which will urge them to increase their knowledge, endure persecution, and live godly lives.
Members Only 1 & 2 Thessalonians
A four week lesson series covering the books of 1st and 2nd Thessalonians. Lesson topics include faith, the return of Christ, living to please God, and praying continually.
Members Only 1 John
1 John encourages Christians to stand on the firm foundation of God's Word and embrace the truth therein. This equips us to lead lives that will influence the world around us with the good news of Jesus Christ. In addition, John cautions us to reject false teachings, which could undermine our faith.
Members Only 1, 2, 3 John & Jude
These letters serve to confront the lies that false teachers continually attempt to spread among the church.
Members Only 2 John
This lesson on 2 John inspires students to live a life of loving obedience to Jesus Christ and to stand for the Truth.
Members Only 2,000 Years in One Hour
We are all part of a great story, not only with our immediate family, but also with our church family. Knowing about our church history can help us live for Jesus today.
Free 2013-2014
Lesson Curriculum Schedule for 2013-2014
Free 2014-2015
Lesson Curriculum Schedule for 2014-2015
Free 2015-2016
Lesson Curriculum Schedule for 2015-2016
Free 2016-2017
Lesson Curriculum Schedule for 2016-2017
Free 2017-2018
Lesson Curriculum Schedule for 2017-2018
Free 2018-2019
Teen Sunday School Curriculum Schedule for 2017-2018
Members Only 3 John
This lesson on 3 John inspires students to live godly lives by imitating Jesus Christ and walking in the Truth.
Members Only 3 Things To Do On Thanksgiving
We all have plenty to give thanks for, and our gratitude is to be given to Lord. In this lesson, we find practical ways to make Thanksgiving a special time for forgiveness, rest, and celebration.
Members Only 40 Years of Weeping
God does not always call us to be successful, but to be faithful. The prophet Jeremiah shows how perseverance, often through many trials, is required to carry out God’s mission in our lives.
Members Only A Blind Date
Do you, either accidentally or purposefully, using pure or tainted motives, keep others from Christ? A lesson for everyone from the blind beggar in Luke 18: 35-43.
Members Only A King of A Different Kind
In this lesson, students learn that Jesus rules and reigns differently than earthly kings, which should inspire them to make Jesus their king.
Members Only A Life of Love
Students learn that a Christian life is a life lived in love.
Members Only A Riot in Ephesus
This lesson provides instruction on how to effectively share the Gospel.
Members Only A Study in Dating Relationships
As Christians we need to have a counter-cultural, Biblical view of our dating relationships.
Members Only Abraham: Man of Faith
Sometimes we lack the faith to tell someone about Christ or make a difficult decision. The great faith of Abraham is examined in this lesson.
Free Action Point Options
Members Only Action!
The goal of this lesson is to inspire students to live lives of action and to understand that theology without practice is useless.
Members Only Acts: Heroes of the Story
This lesson series shares inspiring accounts about the key people featured in the book of Acts and inspires students to live with a dependence upon the Holy Spirit.
Members Only Acts: The Unstoppable Force
This lesson series teaches how the church was born, when the disciples were empowered by the Holy Spirit to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the world.
Members Only Acts: You Won't Believe This!
This lesson series shares unbelievable accounts from the book of Acts and inspires students to lead their lives in a similar manner.
Members Only After the Kingdom - Esther
This lesson, encourages students to stand up for what they believe and speak out while using their position to influence people for good.
Members Only After the Kingdom - Ezra
This Sunday school lesson will encourage humble repentance among students.
Members Only After the Kingdom - Nehemiah
This lesson challenge students to acquire a passion for building up the Church
Members Only After the Kingdom - Off to Exile
In this lesson, students learn that God can use anyone to accomplish His purposes, even our enemies.
Members Only All Christians Are Hypocrites
Who we are inside is not always what we allow others to see. We all wear some masks. Does this mean all Christians are hypocrites?
Free All I Want For Christmas
A three week series that educates students on the symbolism of the gifts given by the Magi and their understanding of Jesus.
Members Only All You Need is God
Students learn that they are able to love others because God first loved them. Students are mobilized to live a life of love based on God's definition of love.
Free All You Need Is Love
Student's learn to love like Jesus.
Members Only Ananias & Sapphira
How does greed affect our lives? The story of Annias & Sapphira offers some harsh realities about this subject that no one should take lightly.
Members Only Ananias and Paul
This lesson confronts students with the hard truth that they are commanded to love their enemies.
Members Only Angels & Demons
Supernatural forces are real and influence our lives for good or evil.
Members Only Anger
This lesson helps students develop a plan for dealing with their anger in a Christlike manner.
Members Only Anna
This Christmas lesson teaches students about the prophet Anna and her role in the Christmas story.
Free Background on 1 & 2 Thessalonians
Free Background on Colossians
Free Background on Ephesians
Free Background on Galatians
Free Background On James
Free Background on Philippians
Free Background on The Twelve Disciples
Members Only Baptism
The book of Acts and other Scriptures place a strong emphasis on baptism. This lesson explores why this action is so important.
Members Only Baptism and the Lord's Supper
Students discover a biblical definition of the two sacraments instituted by Christ - baptism and the Lord’s Supper.
Free Baptism Chart/Verses
Members Only Basic Christian Theology
The goal of this series is to introduce students to the basic theological truths of the orthodox Christian faith. While each topic could fill the semester (and beyond) by itself, the goal here is to devote one week to each of the seven theological truths.
Free Be Near, Oh God
Teaching that God's presence is a large part of Christian living, and how we can grow in our spiritual discipline.
Members Only Behave Yourself!
As Christians, we have freedom to do what we want, but we must remember that our actions affect others' lives. In this lesson, we learn how to use this freedom wisely.
Members Only Believing in Jesus
This lesson helps students understand what it means to believe in Christ and have faith in His Lordship.
Free Bible Basics
An exhaustive eight lesson walk through the Bible including its purpose, organization and authenticity.
Free Bible Basics - Lesson 1 Workbook
Free Bible Basics - Lesson 2 Workbook
Free Bible Basics - Lesson 3 Workbook
Free Bible Basics - Lesson 4 Workbook
Free Bible Basics - Lesson 5 Workbook
Free Bible Basics - Lesson 6 Workbook
Free Bible Basics - Lesson 7 Workbook
Free Bible Basics - Lesson 8 Workbook
Free Bible Knowledge Quiz
Free Bible Knowledge Quiz (Answers)
Members Only Boaz’s Loyalty to Ruth
In this lesson, students learn that loyalty to those in need is a fundamental element in every believers life. Christians should be willing to do things for those who are less fortunate even if those things are inconvenient or even uncomfortable to the believer.
Members Only Boaz’s Loyalty to Tradition
In this lesson, students learn that loyalty to tradition is a good thing and that they should cling to that which is good, right, and just.
Members Only Busting Myths
There are many preconceived ideas about what it means to be a Christian and about the changes one must undergo to be welcome in the church. This series teaches the truth about the Kingdom of God and helps to equip students to welcome others into the fellowship of Christ.
Members Only Can Jesus Make You See?
In this lesson, students are taught to take up the cause of Christ and help others see spiritually although some will want to remain spiritually blind.
Members Only Children of God
During this lesson, students will learn that their identity in Christ is a free gift that cannot be earned.
Members Only Christ's Connection to God... He's Him
This lesson places special emphasis on that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh.
Members Only Christian Living (Stand-alone Lessons)
Lessons in this section focus on how we should to act, how we should appear to others, or how we should live as Christians. When we alow Jesus to be the Lord of our life, we can expect some changes in our behavior. There will be a difference in the way we live. These changes are not necessary in order to become a Christian, but they will take place as we allow the Lord to reveal areas in our life that we have not given over to His control.
Members Only Christian Partnership
Discover from Paul's letter to the Philippians the power of Christian partnership, and how we need it to lift each other up.
Members Only Christian Principles
These lessons cover some of the fundamental truths from the Word of God and basic beliefs that mold the characteristics and conduct of a Christian believer.
Free Christian Principles - Lesson 1 Workbook
Free Christian Principles - Lesson 2 Workbook
Members Only Christianity in Action
This series of lessons will cover five elements that should be present in every Christian's life, obedience, worship, courage, faith, and service. Through these lessons, students will be encouraged to live lives worth living; lives that will glorify God.
Members Only Christmas Lessons
In addition to studying the Biblical accounts describing the birth of Jesus, these individual lessons examine fulfilled prophesy and supporting scriptures to help bring personal application and deeper spiritual understanding regarding our Lord and Savior.
Members Only Church History
We are all part of a great story, not only with our immediate family, but also with our Church family. Knowing the history of the Church can help us live for Jesus today.
Free Church History - Tree of Major Denominations
Members Only Church Leadership
"If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble task." 1 Tim 3:1. In this lesson, we examine the qualifications for church leaders as described by Paul.
Members Only Colossians
Lesson series on the book of Colossians
Free Colossians - Lesson 1 Workbook
Free Colossians - Lesson 2 Workbook
Free Colossians - Lesson 3 Workbook
Free Colossians - Lesson 4 Workbook
Members Only Come and See
We need a boldness, a passion for evangelism. In this lesson from John 4: 1-42 we discover how we can witness to others no matter who they are.
Members Only Community
The Church isn't a building, but rather, it is a body of believers. In this lesson, students learn about Christian community and how it should impact the world.
Members Only Confession
This lesson teaches that confession is not a onetime event. Confession means taking a stand for your faith and keeping that faith in the public eye.
Members Only Confrontation with Pharaoh
In this lesson, students learn that there is only one true God who is both just and merciful.
Members Only Controversial Topics
At times, teens like to take things to the extremes. Their Sunday school lessons should not be any different. These lessons deal with the difficult issues that teens face today. Because of the controversial nature of these lessons, they do not appear on our suggested curriculum schedule. Instead, you can substitute them for other lessons as you feel appropriate for your students.
Members Only Cooties, Commercials, and the Way It Should Be
This lesson helps students navigate through the difficult process of building relationships with members of the opposite sex.
Members Only Courage
With Christ's help, we can courageously face our fears in faith. He will never leave us, and we are never alone.
Free Curriculum Schedules
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Members Only Daniel
The book of Daniel displays God's sovereign control over the affairs of men, even those nations that deny His existence. Daniel encourages Christians to remain faithful in a hostile world. A few highlights include the captivity of Israel, miraculous rescues, interpretation of dreams, and future prophecies.
Members Only David: Man of Passion
This lesson will inspire students to live a zealous and passionate life for Christ.
Members Only David's Mighty Men
David's mighty men give us all a lesson in loyalty and courage. We can follow their example when we see opportunities to serve our Lord.
Members Only Dealing with Doubt
From this lesson focusing on the disciple Thomas, we learn how doubt can lead us in one of two directions.
Members Only Do What You Believe
Students learn that their faith must be expressed in deeds,so that God may be glorified. James teaches us that Faith without deeds is dead.
Members Only Don't Believe the Lies
Lies are told about God every day. As Christians, we should live according to the Truth of the Gospel.
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