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What's New

Below are new resources that were created during the past six months.

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Title Date
Members Small Goals Small Goals (Lessons - Nehemiah)
This lesson will assist students in setting small goals to complete their God-given missions in life.
Members More Than a Wall More Than a Wall (Lessons - Nehemiah)
Our life's work shouldn't end with a what, but rather why. Our motivation is what empowers our story to be redemptive, God honoring, and beautiful.
Members Fearless Focus Fearless Focus (Lessons - Nehemiah)
Living the life God has called us to live takes our undivided attention and fearless focus.
Members Sadness is a Powerful Motivation Sadness is a Powerful Motivation (Lessons - Nehemiah)
When our hearts are burdened with the injustices of the world, we must pursue that which God is calling us to do.
Members Jesus' Thanksgiving Jesus' Thanksgiving (Lessons - Thanksgiving Lessons)
Through this lesson, students learn to live lives of thanksgiving as Jesus does.
Members Friendship Friendship (Lessons - Proverbs)
This lesson teaches students that friendships are a big deal and inspires kids to be wise when choosing friends and to be faithful in the kind of friend they are to others.
Members Injustice Injustice (Lessons - Proverbs)
This lesson teaches students that the Lord wants believers to recognize, confront, and correct injustice in a Christlike manner.
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