Character of God

The characteristics and qualities of God

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Members Only Mirror Me
Ephesians 5:1 instructs us to be imitators of God. This activity demonstrates that we must pay close attention to that which we wish to imitate.


Members Only Christ's Connection to God... He's Him
This lesson places special emphasis on that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh.
Members Only Confrontation with Pharaoh
In this lesson, students learn that there is only one true God who is both just and merciful.
Members Only God’s Loyalty to His People
In this lesson, students learn that God is loyal to those who put their faith in Him. God accomplishes His plans through many types of people.
Members Only Pillar of Fire / Cloud
Through this lesson, students learn that God is sovereign and that He provides His people with guidance and protection.
Members Only The Mercy Seat
In this lesson, students discover the purpose of the mercy seat in the Old Testament tabernacle and how it relates to them today.
Members Only The Presence of God with His People
This lesson recaps the lesson series emphasizing God’s presence with His people.
Members Only The Supremacy of Christ
This lesson educates students of the complete supremacy of Christ and inspires them to place their faith in the ultimate greatness that is Jesus.
Members Only What John Saw
Through this lesson, students learn that God alone is worthy to receive glory and honor because He created all things, and it is because of His Will that they exist.
Members Only Who is God?
Students gain insight into who God is, what He does and how the Trinity is defined in the Bible.
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