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Abilities Skills or Talents given by God (See also Spiritual Gifts)
Acceptance Accepting others for who they are; not being judgemental (See also judging, behavior)
Accountability Being accountable for one's own actions or thoughts, being responsible and dependable
Affliction Illness or other hardship that causes prolonged discomfort (See also trials)
Anger Strong disapproval or hate that can lead to sin when misdirected
Anxiety Fear or uneasiness that comes from worry
Apostles Twelve men Jesus chose to work with Him during His earthly ministry
Attitude How one behaves or acts during different situations (See also behavior, grumbling, respect)
Availability Being ready and available to be used by God (See also serving)

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Baptism A sign that our sins are washed away, and we belong to Jesus
Beatitudes Attitudes to live by as taught by Jesus
Behavior The way one can be seen reacting to different situations
Believing To accept as truth; to trust or have faith; belief in God; a step to salvation
Body of Christ The bride of Christ; the church (See also unity)
Boldness Overcoming fear to do something with faith and courage
Boredom Busters Fun activities, games, and other ideas to keep things lively and interesting
Born Again New life as a Christian; rebirth (See also Christianity and salvation)
Burdens A heavy physical or emotional load to carry (See also affliction, hardship, difficulties, trials)

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Captivity The State of Being Held Prisoner by Sin
Caring Concern for one another (see also compassion, kindness, serving)
Celebration A joyful occasion for special festivities to mark some happy event (See also fellowship)
Character How one reacts when under pressure or when no one is looking
Character of God The characteristics and qualities of God
Choices Making right decisions, especially those which will honor God
Chrisitianity Being a Christian, living a Christian life; born again (See also salvation)
Christmas The celebratoin of the birth of Christ, Christmas, nativity
Church The Body of Christ (see also unity)
Comfort Helping to ease pain or give encouragement during difficult times (See also helping)
Commandments An order given by God, for example the Ten Commandments
Commitment Carrying out a promise (See also covenant, promises)
Communion The Lord's Supper (See also fellowship)
Community Group of People with common interests (See also fellowship)
Compassion Sympathy for one another (See also mercy, kindness)
Confession Confessing belief in Jesus, a step towards salvation; or telling another person about your sin(s)
Contentment Being Satisfied with what you have (See also peace)
Cooperation Working together, as for common good (See also unity)
Counselor The Holy Spirit (See also guidance)
Courage Being able to face danger even when afraid (See also fear, boldness)
Covenant An agreement between two people or groups (See also commitment, promises)
Coveting Wanting something that belongs to another person (See also envy, jealousy)
Creation The Bible teaches that God is the creator of all things
Cross The method used for Christ's death, crucifxion; an affliction or suffering to bear

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Daniel A gifted and courageous prophet of God, taken captive to Babylon
David The son of Jesse, second king of Israel
Death End of our sinful nature or physical existance. Eternal separation from God. (see resurrection)
Deception False teaching, to lead astray from the truth (See also Truthfulness)
Demons Fallen angels controled by Satan and who oppose God. (See also evil, Satan)
Dependability Being reliable so others can count on you to do something (See also responsibility)
Difficulties Hard to overcome situations or conditions (See also affliction, hardship, burden, trials, obstacles)
Discernment Knowing the difference between right and wrong (See also knowledge, wisdom, choices)
Disciple A Follower or student of Jesus, discipleship (See also Following Jesus, Apostles)
Discipline Training to help one be obedient, develop good behavior, and have self-control
Disobedience Not obeying God's commands or doing what is right (See also obedience, sin)
Doubt A difficulty in believing that may result in uncertainty and fear (See also believing, faith, hope)

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Easter The Christian celebration of the resurrection of Christ
Emotions Personal feelings that are either pleasant or unpleasant (See also feelings)
Encouragement Helping others face difficult challenges or hardships, exhortation. (See also comfort, helping)
Endurance Being able to continue with a difficult challenge (See also stand firm, strength)
Envy Wanting what someone else has (See also coveting, jealousy)
Eternal Life Everlasting life in the presence of God
Evangelism Reaching the world for Jesus (See also witnessing, missions)
Evil Morally questionable behavior; powers against God (See also darkness, devil, wickedness, sin)

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Fairness Not showing undeserved favor or criticism
Faith Belief and trust in God; hope in what we cannot see (See also believing, hope, doubt)
False Teaching False witness, using God's Word to lead astray from the truth (See also deception, truthfulness)
Family Family of believers; family of God; earthly family (See also Body of Christ, Church, unity)
Fear Anticipation or awareness of danger, to be afraid (See also boldness, courage)
Fearing God To respect God highly; to feel reverence and awe for Him (See also honor God)
Feelings Emotions that are either pleasant or unpleasant (See also emotions)
Fellowship Sharing time, feelings or resources with other believers (See also communion)
Following Jesus Being a disciple of Christ (See also Apostles, Disciple, Knowing Jesus)
Foolishness Acting without thought, giving in readily to worldly temptations
Forgiveness Excusing someone of an offense, God's forgiveness of our sins
Friendship A relationship free from sexual desire; companionship (See also fellowship)
Fruitfulness Being used by God for the benefit of others; bearing good fruits (See also serving)

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Giving As an offering or sacrifice; spiritual gift of giving (See also tithing, sharing, sacrifice)
Godliness Living according to God's Will (See also holiness, righteousness, morals)
Gospel The good news and story about Jesus Christ (See also witnessing)
Grace Receiving from God something good we do not deserve (See also mercy, works)
Gratitude Showing appreciation for something you have received (See also thankfulness)
Greed Selfish desire for material things or power (See also selfishness, sharing)
Grief Suffering or dealing with loss (See also hardship, suffering, trials)
Grumbling Complaining or showing a poor attitude (See also behavior, attitude)
Guidance Directions given from someone who knows what is right (See also leadership)
Guilt Disturbing feeling or remorse when someone knows or believes they did something wrong.

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Habits Developing good habits that honor God
Happiness Feelings of pleasure or contentment when things are going well (See also contentment, joy)
Hardened Heart Stubbornness leading to disobedience or acting contrary to God's Will (See also anger)
Hardship Burdens or difficulties that need faith in Jesus to overcome (See also difficulties, burdens, trials)
Healing Making well someone who is ill, through prayer and the power of God
Heaven Eternal place where God lives and where His people will go when they die
Helping God's help; helping others
Holiness Perfect purity in thoughts, deeds and behavior (See also purity, Godliness)
Holy Spirit Third person of the trinity who lives and works in our hearts and minds (See also counselor)
Honesty Being truthful to the point others can trust and respect you (See also truthfulness, lying)
Honor Showing respect and proper attitude for someone in an important position (See also respect)
Honor God Giving God the honor and respect He deserves for He is Holy (See also fearing God, respect)
Hope Having confidence that you will receive the blessings God has promised (See also doubt, faith)
Humility Being humble in spirit, not proud, not pretending to be important (See also meekness, pride)
Hypocrisy Pretending to be something you are not and never intend to be. (See also integrity)

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Icebreakers Teen group building exercises, relationship boosters, and fun ways to "break the ice."
Idols Anything that takes the place of God in one's life. Worshiping these is idolatry
Individuality God made each of us unique and with a special purpose. (See also peer pressure, worthiness)
Influence Being positively or negatively affected, shaped or tempted by something or someone
Iniquity Anything that breaks God's laws or commands (See also, guilt, sin)
Integrity Having a reputation for doing what is right (See also character, honesty, responsibility)

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Jealousy Unhappy or upset because of what someone else has (See also envy, coveting)
Jesus The Son of God, the Christ, our Lord and Savior (See also Following Jesus)
Joy Contentment from God even when faced with difficulties (See also contentment, happiness)
Judging Being judgmental by putting down the faults of someone else (See also acceptance)
Judgment of God God's punishment or wrath for doing wrong, God's Judgment (see also wrath)
Justice Fairness, receiving what is deserved (See also mercy, wrath)

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Kindness Treating others with love and compassion (See also compassion, mercy)
Kingdom of God God's present reign and when Jesus will rule as King over all humanity (See also Heaven)
Knowing God The desire to gain a full awareness and understanding of God (See also Character of God)
Knowing Jesus Following Jesus (See also Apostles, Following Jesus, Disciple, Apostles)
Knowledge Things learned from study or experience (See also discernment, wisdom)

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Laziness Not wanting to work or slow to complete a task (See also zealousness)
Leadership Someone who is able to give guidance and direction to others (See also guidance)
Light Christians are to be the light of the world
Listening Paying attention to what is being said, hearing and obeying God's voice
Loneliness Being forsaken, abandoned or without companionship (See also friendship)
Love Not a mere, mushy feeling. Godly love is unconditional, patient, kind, and forgiving
Lying The opposite of telling the truth (See also honesty, truthfulness)

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Meekness Controlled strength, humility (See also humility, pride)
Mercy Not receiving from God something unpleasant that we deserve (See also grace, works)
Miracles Something only God can do
Missions The work of sharing the Word of God to all parts of the world; missionary
Morals Thinking or acting is a way that would please God (See also holiness, Godliness, Virtues)
Moses Hebrew prophet who led the Israelites out of Egypt

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Neighborliness Being a good neighbor and friend, kind to one another; "Good Samaritan" (See also friendship)

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Obedience Obeying; doing what is asked or commanded
Obstacles Obstructions, walls, or hurdles that stands in the way of progress and must be removed. (see also difficulties, burdens, hardship)
Offering A gift or sacrifice; spiritual gift of giving (See also giving, sharing, sacrifice, tithing)
Outreach Serving in unexpected ways to provide for another person or community in need. (See also serving, evangelism)

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Palm Sunday Sunday before Easter - people laying palm branches before Jesus (See also Easter)
Patience Being able to wait for something or persevere to complete a task
Paul The Apostle Paul, formerly Saul
Peace Freedom from discomfort, feeling of calmness (See also contentment)
Peer Pressure Temptation to do what others your age or status are doing
Persecution Treating someone cruelly or unjustly because they are different (See also prejudice)
Perseverance Refusing to give up, even during time of difficulty
Pleasing God Doing things according to God's Will (See also honoring God)
Praise To glorify, to say good things about someone or something (See also worship)
Prayer Talking with God (See also quiet time)
Prejudice Treating someone cruelly or unjustly because they are different, discrimination, favoritism (See also Persecution)
Preparedness Being ready, as for Christ's return
Pride Thinking more highly of yourself than of others; arrogance (See also humility, meekness)
Priorities Doing things in the proper order, putting God first (See also idols)
Promises Doing what you agree to do (See also commitment, covenant)
Prophecy Giving the message of God to the people, a revelation
Protection God will protect us from evil
Provision God will provide for our needs
Purity Acting in a holy manner in thoughts, deeds and behavior (See also holiness)

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Quiet Time Time alone with God (See also prayer)

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Relationships Our relationship with friends, family, and God (See also Family and Friendship)
Repentance Turning from sin
Reputation How others think of me based on what they have seen or heard (See also character)
Respect Good behavior; honoring parents; reverence (See also attitude)
Responsibility Being a trustworthy person of God (See also dependability)
Resurrection Coming back to life after being dead, as Jesus did after dying on the cross (See also crucifixion)
Return of Jesus When Christ will come again to take the church to heaven (See also perseverance, stand firm)
Righteousness Always thinking and acting in a way pleasing to God (See also Godliness)

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Sacrifice An offering that given in worship to God (See also offering, giving)
Salvation God's free gift of eternal life (See Eternal Life)
Satan Fallen angel, Satan, angel of light who opposes God (See also evil, demons)
Saved Receiving the gift of eternal life through Jesus (See also Born Again, Christianity)
Self-control Being able to control your actions at all times. (See also choices, temptation)
Self-worth Self-esteem, self-assurance, have a sense of value or worth (See also worthiness)
Selfishness Being greedy, unwillingness to share material things or power (See also greed, sharing)
Serving Serving others; Servant hood (See also availability)
Sharing Letting others have some of what you have (See also witnessing, giving)
Sin Any transgression of God's Will or violation of His laws in thought, action, or neglect (See also evil, iniquity)
Spiritual Gifts Special abilities given by the Holy Spirit for the common good of the Church
Spiritual Growth Growing and maturing as a Christian through the direction of the Holy Spirit
Stand Firm Not giving in to adversity (See also courage, endurance, peer pressure)
Stewardship Proper management of gifts, talents or resources given to you
Stress Worry or pressure that leads to physical or mental discomfort (See also anxiety, worry)
Submission Surrendering power and control to someone else, being submissive, submitting (See also humility, leadership)
Suffering Grief, trials and struggles (See also hardship, trials)

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Talents Skills or abilities given by God that can be developed (See also Spiritual Gifts)
Teamwork Working together with others to accomplish a greater good, partnership (See also fellowship)
Temptation Feeling a strong urge to do something wrong or sin (See also Self-control)
Testimony Your story of how you came to know Jesus, or how your life has changed because of Him to be shared with others.
Thankfulness Showing appreciation to God for what He has given (See also gratitude)
Thanksgiving Lessons and ideas to use during the Thanksgiving holidays.
Tithing Giving one tenth back to God from what He has provided (See also giving, offering)
Treasures Treasures in Heaven compared to treasures on earth
Trials Tests to determine a person's abilities (See also hardships and difficulties, suffering)
Trust Trust in God, Trust in Jesus, trustworthiness (See also dependability, responsibility)
Truth The truth about Jesus, walking in the truth (See also light)
Truthfulness The quality of being truthful (See also honesty, lying)

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Unity Living together in harmony (See also Family and Body of Christ)

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Virtues Characteristics in a person that please God (See also morals)

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Wisdom The ability to apply spiritual knowledge and experience in different situations (See also discernment, knowledge)
Witnessing Reaching others for Christ; outreach (See also Evangelism, Missions)
Word of God The Bible (Holy Scripture)
Works Acts of service, not as a means to earn salvation (See also mercy and grace)
Worldliness Passion for obtaining temporary ungodly pleasures (See also darkness)
Worry Strong feelings of anxiety causing unhappiness or preoccupation with fear (See anxiety, stress)
Worship To give praise, honor, and respect to God (See also praise)
Worthiness Having worth and value as a result of God's mercy and grace (See also self-worth)
Wrath God's just punishment for evil and unrigheousness (See also mercy)

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Zealousness Having active interest or an overflowing enthusiasm

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