Acting without thought, giving in readily to worldly temptations

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Members Only Truth or Hoax?
Jesus is no hoax. However, this activity uses a little trickery to show how some people can so easily believe in foolish and deceptive nonsense.


Members Only One Way Maze
In today's society, one thing people struggle with is that Christianity claims to be the only way to God.

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Members Only Not Amused
Don't allow Satan to use amusement as a vehicle to deceive you, dumb you down, lull you to sleep, or make you apathetic to the cause of Christ.


Members Only Can Jesus Make You See?
In this lesson, students are taught to take up the cause of Christ and help others see spiritually although some will want to remain spiritually blind.
Members Only Fear God
True wisdom reveals that God must come first. From this lesson we learn the difference between wise and foolish living, and what it means to "fear God."
Members Only Hide and Seek
This lesson introduces students to Jonah, a man who like many of us, at some point in time, attempted to run away from God.
Free Overview of Proverbs
Students are inspired to desire wisdom and gain a basic understanding of the structure and themes of Proverbs.
Members Only The Kingdom: King Saul
Through a study of Saul,students are inspired to work hard building a strong and moral character rather than focusing on their physical appearance.
Members Only The Kingdom: King Solomon
Through this lesson, students see that wisdom is the most valuable quality anyone can possess.
Members Only The Wise & The Foolish
No one thinks they are a fool, but so many of us are not living according to wise principles. In this lesson, we learn from the ancient words of Solomon how to live wisely today.
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