The Son of God, the Christ, our Lord and Savior (See also Following Jesus)

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Members Only One Way Maze
In today's society, one thing people struggle with is that Christianity claims to be the only way to God.

Object Talks

Free Behind a Twenty-Dollar Bill
The significance of a twenty dollar bill is not the paper, but what is behind it. The significance of communion is the same way.
Members Only You Have A Friend Request
Imagine if Jesus were living on earth today. Would He have a Facebook account? How would you react if you received a "friend request" from Jesus?

Tips for Leaders

Free Witnessing: Sharing the Gospel
“God wants all men to come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9. We, as leaders of students, share that passion, and everything we do is focused on introducing Jesus to our students.


Members Only Christ's Connection to God... He's Him
This lesson places special emphasis on that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh.
Members Only It Is Not Meant to Confuse You
This lesson introduces students to the main theme of Revelation: Jesus Christ. The lesson also helps to clarify the structure of Revelation and the manner in which the book should be read.
Members Only Jesus as the New Moses
Students discover some interesting similarities between Moses and Jesus while learning that God is always faithful.
Members Only Jesus Changes Everything
In this lesson, students will see how Jesus changed everything and that He invites us to change the world in which we live as well.
Members Only Jesus in the Old Testament
In this lesson, students will see how Jesus is referenced in the Old Testament as Savior and King as well as through physical appearances.
Members Only Jesus is Predicted by the Prophets
Through this lesson, students learn that the Old Testament, although written hundreds to thousands of years before the birth of Jesus, contains many prophecies fulfilled by Him.
Members Only Jesus is the Point of the Bible
Through this lesson, students see that Jesus is the central character of the entire Bible.
Members Only The Supremacy of Christ
This lesson educates students of the complete supremacy of Christ and inspires them to place their faith in the ultimate greatness that is Jesus.
Members Only What Do You Know About Jesus?
The birth of Jesus is meaningless if it does not change us somehow. This lesson inspires the students with different ways of relating to Jesus so they can focus more on Him this Christmas.
Members Only Why I Believe in Christianity
This lesson explains how Christianity is different from other religions and how Christianity can claim to be the only way to God.
Members Only Why I Believe Jesus Matters
This lesson equips students with overwhelming proof to be able to defend against some of the many hoaxes and foolish claims about Jesus' life, death, and resurection.
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