Knowing Jesus

Following Jesus (See also Apostles, Following Jesus, Disciple, Apostles)

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me." (John 10:27)

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Members Only Crown of Life
When it comes to faith, the Gospel of Jesus is like a crown of beautiful jewels.

Object Talks

Members Only You Have A Friend Request
Imagine if Jesus were living on earth today. Would He have a Facebook account? How would you react if you received a "friend request" from Jesus?


Free All I Want For Christmas
A three week series that educates students on the symbolism of the gifts given by the Magi and their understanding of Jesus.
Members Only Christ's Connection to God... He's Him
This lesson places special emphasis on that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh.
Members Only Finding True Confidence
Putting confidence in worldly things will eventually let you down. Nothing is more important than putting your trust and confidence in Christ.
Free Frankincense
Students examine how the Magi's gift of Frankincense represents Jesus as our High Priest.
Members Only God is With Us
This Christmas lesson compares Old Testament prophecy with New Testament truths to bring a deeper spiritual understanding to the coming of our Lord, Immanuel.
Free Gold
Students examine how the Magi's gift of gold represents Jesus as King.
Members Only Jesus as King
Through this lesson, students learn that it is essential for them to embrace Jesus as their king.
Members Only Jesus as the New Moses
Students discover some interesting similarities between Moses and Jesus while learning that God is always faithful.
Members Only Jesus Changes Everything
In this lesson, students will see how Jesus changed everything and that He invites us to change the world in which we live as well.
Members Only Jesus in the Old Testament
In this lesson, students will see how Jesus is referenced in the Old Testament as Savior and King as well as through physical appearances.
Members Only Jesus is God
This lesson inspires students to get to know Jesus and allow Him to dwell with them now.
Members Only Jesus is Predicted by the Prophets
Through this lesson, students learn that the Old Testament, although written hundreds to thousands of years before the birth of Jesus, contains many prophecies fulfilled by Him.
Members Only Jesus is the Point of the Bible
Through this lesson, students see that Jesus is the central character of the entire Bible.
Members Only Jesus Ministers in Jerusalem
In this lesson, Students come to know Jesus for who He is and not place selfish expectations on their King.
Members Only Jesus' Death, Burial and Resurrection
In this lesson, students study the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus through the lenses of characters we sometimes overlook.
Members Only Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known
This series is about knowing Jesus and making Him known. Students will learn what it means to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior starting with belief, followed by repentance, confession, and baptism. Each lesson will also help believers, who have never made a life-long commitment to serve Jesus, begin to "count the cost" and surrender their lives to Him.
Members Only Matthew and Messiah
This lesson teaches students the meaning of Messiah and how Jesus is presented Messiah—in Matthew as the Messiah.
Free Myrrh
Students learn about the significance of myrrh used in worship within the Bible.
Members Only Prayer
This lesson focuses on the Spiritual habit of prayer, and provides practical ways to develop a solid prayer life that will deepen our relationship with God.
Members Only The Covenants
Through this lesson, students learn that God keeps His promises (covenants) with humanity. They also learn how the Lord’s covenants are intertwined throughout history.
Members Only The Ministry of Jesus According to Mark
This series is on the ministry of Jesus according to the book of Mark. The series starts with an introduction to the book of Mark and then covers various aspects of Jesus' ministry.
Members Only The Supremacy of Christ
This lesson educates students of the complete supremacy of Christ and inspires them to place their faith in the ultimate greatness that is Jesus.
Members Only What Do You Know About Jesus?
The birth of Jesus is meaningless if it does not change us somehow. This lesson inspires the students with different ways of relating to Jesus so they can focus more on Him this Christmas.
Members Only Why I Believe Jesus Matters
This lesson equips students with overwhelming proof to be able to defend against some of the many hoaxes and foolish claims about Jesus' life, death, and resurection.
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