Talking with God (See also quiet time)

"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer."(Matthew 21: 22)

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Members Only Noise
An activity to show the affects noise can have on our relationships with other people and with God.


Members Only Fast Talkers
In this game, you need to talk fast, but think even faster to get your story out.

Object Talks

Free Distractions
There are many distractions that can keep us from giving Jesus the right focus in our life.

Tips for Leaders

Free Accountability: The Praying Youth Worker
It’s been said that when we work, we work; however, when we pray, God works.


Members Only Journaling
This lesson challenges the students to explore and experience the discipline of journaling as a way to communicate with God and grow closer to Him.
Members Only Pray Continually
When prayer becomes your way of life, it can change your life and the lives of others.
Members Only Prayer
This lesson focuses on the Spiritual habit of prayer, and provides practical ways to develop a solid prayer life that will deepen our relationship with God.
Members Only Prayer, Visions, and The End
The final lesson on Daniel alerts students to the spiritual warefare that is taking place around them and encourages them to be champions for Christ
Members Only Prayer: Expecting Results
Students are challenged to pray expectantly, believing that God wants to move on their behalf.
Members Only The Holy Spirit
The acts in the book of Acts are the acts of the Holy Spirit. Students learn that the Holy Spirit still empowers Christians to serve the Lord today.
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