Treating someone cruelly or unjustly because they are different, discrimination, favoritism (See also Persecution)

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Members Only Do What You Believe
Students learn that their faith must be expressed in deeds,so that God may be glorified. James teaches us that Faith without deeds is dead.
Members Only God Doesn't Have Favorites
God judges all men equally, regardless to nationality, power, or circumstances. Prophets Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah encourage us to live a life of repentance, humility and faith because of God's mercy.
Members Only Jesus Ministers in Jerusalem
In this lesson, Students come to know Jesus for who He is and not place selfish expectations on their King.
Members Only My Favorite
Study on the book of James. Exposes favoritism as being a sin. As Christians, we should treat all people fairly.
Members Only Peter and Cornelius
This lesson teaches that God loves all people groups and that no one is off limits to the Gospel.
Members Only Racism
Do you or your students have racist inclinations? As Christians, we should be color blind, because Christ is the Savior of all.
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