Giving the message of God to the people, a revelation

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Members Only Faithfulness Despite Circumstances
The prophetic book of Daniel inspires us to live a life of faithfulness and trust to a glorified and praiseworthy God, regardless to our circumstances.
Members Only God Doesn't Have Favorites
God judges all men equally, regardless to nationality, power, or circumstances. Prophets Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah encourage us to live a life of repentance, humility and faith because of God's mercy.
Members Only God Is In Charge
The sixth lesson on Daniel reassures students that God is in charge.
Members Only God is With Us
This Christmas lesson compares Old Testament prophecy with New Testament truths to bring a deeper spiritual understanding to the coming of our Lord, Immanuel.
Free How Did We Get The Bible?
First lesson on Bible Basics, lesson emphasis - How Did We Get the Bible?
Members Only It Is Not Meant to Divide Us
This lesson inspires students to unite around the purpose of Revelation instead of dividing over its interpretation.
Members Only It Is Not Meant to Scare You
This lesson teaches students that the book of Revelation is not here to scare them, but rather it should offer hope and encouragement for a persecuted Church.
Members Only Jesus as the New Moses
Students discover some interesting similarities between Moses and Jesus while learning that God is always faithful.
Members Only Jesus is Predicted by the Prophets
Through this lesson, students learn that the Old Testament, although written hundreds to thousands of years before the birth of Jesus, contains many prophecies fulfilled by Him.
Members Only Judgment is Coming, Comfort is Coming
God has a plan and a purpose for our lives, if we allow Him to use us. From Isaiah, we discover why we need to give into God’s calling by saying, “Here I am Lord, send me,” whether that be near or far.
Members Only Letters from Exile
The prophet Ezekiel gives a messaqe of hope to God's people in exile. His message tells us that the spiritually dead can live again through Christ.
Members Only Make Room For Jesus
Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi give basic prophetic truth. Jesus is coming again. He will judge all people, distinguishing between those who have been faithful and those who have turned their backs from Him. Faithfulness results in blessing, unfaithfulness results in judgment.
Members Only Prayer, Visions, and The End
The final lesson on Daniel alerts students to the spiritual warefare that is taking place around them and encourages them to be champions for Christ
Members Only Pride Comes Before a Fall
The fourth lesson on Daniel encourages studetns to live a life of humility.
Members Only Provoking The Wrong God
The fifth lesson on Daniel cautions students that God will not be mocked and that we will reap what we sow.
Members Only Revelation: What Revelation Teaches
The lessons in this series, will be a study of seven groups of seven symbols found in the book of revelation and how each group of seven is related to the end of time.
Members Only The End
This lesson gives students a Biblical perspective of the End Times.
Members Only The Kingdom - Prophets of the Kingdom
This lesson introduces students to the prophets of the Old Testament.
Members Only The Prophets
The prophets were spokesmen of God and intermediaries between Him and His people. Knowledge of future events or possible outcomes usually came through visions or dreams and passed on through sermons, writings, and symbolic actions. Studying the books of Prophecies help us understand where we are headed, and how to live Godly lives in line with His judgment.
Members Only Warrior Jesus
We may not be accustomed to the image we have of Jesus from the book of Revelation. However, it is no less true.
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