God will protect us from evil

"I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep." John 10: 11

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Members Only Courage
With Christ's help, we can courageously face our fears in faith. He will never leave us, and we are never alone.
Members Only Ephesians: Living in Faith
To help students understand what it means to defend their faith.
Members Only Esther: Woman of Courage
Rise up! This matter is in your hands. You’ll be supported, so take courage and do something! Ezra 10:4
Members Only It Is Not Meant to Confuse You
This lesson introduces students to the main theme of Revelation: Jesus Christ. The lesson also helps to clarify the structure of Revelation and the manner in which the book should be read.
Members Only It’s Not About Leaving Egypt
In this lesson, students are introduced to the main theme of Exodusthe presence of God with His people.
Members Only Meet Moses
In this lesson, students learn to honor God with their lives by taking tips from the life of Moses.
Members Only Never Bow Down
The third lesson on Daniel inspires students to live lives of courageous faith, knowing that God is with them.
Members Only Pillar of Fire / Cloud
Through this lesson, students learn that God is sovereign and that He provides His people with guidance and protection.
Members Only Psalm 35
This lesson teaches students that God protects His children.
Members Only The Apostles In Prison
This lesson inspires students to be faithful in the face of opposition.
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