Good behavior; honoring parents; reverence (See also attitude)

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Object Talks

Free Behind a Twenty-Dollar Bill
The significance of a twenty dollar bill is not the paper, but what is behind it. The significance of communion is the same way.

Tips for Leaders

Free Behavior Issues: Discipline
When teaching teens, dealing with disciplinary issues just comes with the territory.
Free Group Building: Becoming One (Achieving Unity)
A question often asked is, “How can we unify our group?” Whether you encounter aggressive boys or drama among the girls, there are many obstacles along the path toward mutual respect and unity.


Members Only Sex, Marriage, and Jesus
This lesson examines what scripture says about sex and marriage and what changes in attitude and behavior we must make to align ourselves with the Lordship of Jesus.
Free The Truth About Authority
How can we respect those who have authority over us? What if we disagree? The truth is God commands us to respect our leaders.
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