Coming back to life after being dead, as Jesus did after dying on the cross (See also crucifixion)


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Members Only Elisha's Healing Bones
Jesus not only has the power to give temporary life, but also He has the power to give eternal life by saving us from our sins.
Members Only It Is Not Meant to Confuse You
This lesson introduces students to the main theme of Revelation: Jesus Christ. The lesson also helps to clarify the structure of Revelation and the manner in which the book should be read.
Members Only Jesus Is More Powerful Than Death
In this lesson, students learn that Jesus destroys death and brings life, both physically and spiritually.
Members Only Jesus Is Worth Living (Or Dying) For
This lesson inspires students to embrace Jesus-centered living that strives to exalt Christ in life and death.
Members Only Jesus' Death, Burial and Resurrection
In this lesson, students study the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus through the lenses of characters we sometimes overlook.
Members Only Paul Brings Life to Eutychus
We cannot fix people or save anyone with our own power. What we can do is reach out and lift people up, so the power of God can do the healing.
Free Stand Firm
In this lesson, the students will learn how they must stand firm and hold on till the day of resurrection with our Lord.
Members Only The Ministry of Jesus According to Mark
This series is on the ministry of Jesus according to the book of Mark. The series starts with an introduction to the book of Mark and then covers various aspects of Jesus' ministry.
Free The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
This lesson reveals the Truth about the Resurrection. It explains how the Resurrection is the foundation to our faith and hope, and how it should change the way we look at life.
Members Only The Story Ends With You
Students learn that there is a difference between having knowledge of something and having a belief that will affect every aspect of their lives.
Members Only The Woman, Her Baby, and a Dragon
This lesson introduces students to the main theme of Revelation: Jesus defeats Satan and secures victory for all who persevere in faith.
Free Why Does the Resurrection Matter?
This lesson convinces students that the Resurrection was a historical event and inspires them to live in the hope of the Resurrection to come.
Members Only Why I Believe Jesus Matters
This lesson equips students with overwhelming proof to be able to defend against some of the many hoaxes and foolish claims about Jesus' life, death, and resurection.
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