Return of Jesus

When Christ will come again to take the church to heaven (See also perseverance, stand firm)

"Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come." (Matthew 24: 42 NIV)

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Members Only Before it's Over
When the end is near, what do you value the most? Four scenarios to ponder, before it's over.


Members Only Basic Christian Theology
The goal of this series is to introduce students to the basic theological truths of the orthodox Christian faith. While each topic could fill the semester (and beyond) by itself, the goal here is to devote one week to each of the seven theological truths.
Members Only Last Things
This lesson allows students to think about how the last things of the end of the age affect their lives today.
Members Only The End
This lesson gives students a Biblical perspective of the End Times.
Members Only The End Times
The are many different views about the end times, but what is important is that we stand firm and live faithfully until the end, to hear God say, "Well done."
Members Only The Ministry of Jesus According to Mark
This series is on the ministry of Jesus according to the book of Mark. The series starts with an introduction to the book of Mark and then covers various aspects of Jesus' ministry.
Members Only The Return of Christ
Jesus is coming back and we need to be ready, alert, and self-controlled.
Members Only The Seven Final Visions
This lesson provides an overview of the seven final visions of the book of Revelation, inspiring students to live hope-filled lives in light of Christ’s power over Satan, sin, and death.
Members Only Warrior Jesus
We may not be accustomed to the image we have of Jesus from the book of Revelation. However, it is no less true.
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