Skills or abilities given by God that can be developed (See also Spiritual Gifts)

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Members Only Church Building Project
The Church is people sharing their talents and Spiritual gifts. When we isolate ourselves and refuse to share, we miss out on what God wants for us.
Members Only Gifted to Serve
Sometimes it is easier for others to see our gifts than it is for us to see them ourselves.
Free Spiritual Gifts Analysis
A simple and quick survey to provide a general analysis of gifted areas one may possess to serve Christ.


Members Only Claim to Fame
A life of influence outlasts a life of fame.


Members Only My Contribution
Each believer needs to actively use his or her Spiritual Gifts for the benefit of the Church.
Members Only My Place
The Church is much larger than an event, building, or even a sermon. This lesson helps students understand their place within the body and the practical implications of giving themselves to Christ.
Members Only Spiritual Gifts
A three week lesson series covering Spiritual Gifts. What are they? What is my Spiritual Gift? and How can I use my gift?
Members Only The Burning Bush
In this lesson, students learn that God not only equips those He calls, but that He goes before them.
Members Only We Are the Body
When we share our lives we will begin to experience the full joy of being the church. In this lesson, student explore the Spiritual gifting and their role within the Church.
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