Helping the Blind See

Meet some modern-day, blind beggars who just needed to be touched by Jesus to see the light.



Evangelism, Light, Sharing, Testimony, Truth, Witnessing


Copies of handout Click here PDF Version


Approximately 10 minutes 

help the  blind see

What you do during class:

Give each person a copy of the handout, which contains two stories about two individuals who were lost and blind to the truth, but came to know Jesus through the efforts of one youth pastor. These are true stories, but the names have been changed.

Break up into small groups of about 4 or 5. Have each person read both stories, then discuss the questions that follow with the other members of their small group.

After about 10 minutes, have everyone come together again. If time permits discuss the following questions as a class.

Additional Discussion Questions

• Are there people who you feel don’t deserve the gospel?
• Are there people who you think are a waste of your time?
• Are there people that you view as “too far gone”?



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