For there to be room for Jesus, we may need to do some housecleaning. Jesus wants to be the most important one to us, the Lord of our lives.



Habits, Preparedness, Priorities, Purity, Repentance, Sin,
Spiritual Growth, Icebreaker


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Approximately 10 minutes


What you do during class:

Break up into small groups of about four or five. Give each student a copy of the "Housecleaning" handout. Students will choose from one of the examples below to describe what their "house" is like now and where they would like to be a year from now. After making their selections, each member of the group will share with the others why they picked what they did, then answer a few general discussion questions.

For there to be room for Jesus in our lives, we may need to do some housecleaning. Jesus wants to be the most important one to us, the Lord of our lives. From the examples below, which one best describes your “house” as it is right now, and where would you like to be a year from now?

Full of tons of discarded waste, unsightly and smelly, of use to nobody and just waiting to be hauled away.
Used and damaged goods, all over the place, but for the right price may be of some use to somebody, somewhere, someday.

Everything is there, but where? Someday, when absolutely necessary everything will be clean and in its place with room to move.

Department Store
Many nice looking things and plenty of specials, but overstocked and usually overcrowded. A good sale will help a lot.

Everything inside is neat and in order. There is no clutter and plenty of room, but a little cold and pretentious for some visitors.

Grocery Store:
Clean and bright with the fresh smell of tasty delights, filled with people of all kinds with a common purpose.

Warm, comfortable, clean and filled with joy, small enough for intimacy but with just enough room for whoever desires to enter.

Additional Discussion Questions:
How would others who know you very well describe you?
If you are not yet where you want to be, how do you plan to get there.

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