How Do Others Read Me?

When you get together and talk with friends, what are you most like?


Acceptance, Behavior, Character, Individuality, Icebreaker


Copies of handout:  Click here  PDF Version


Approximately 10 minutes  

 two reading

What you do during class:

Break up into small groups of about four or five. Give each student a copy of the "How Do Others Read Me" handout. Students will choose from one of the literary types below to describe what they are like when conversing with others. After making their selections, each member of the group will share with the others why they picked what they did, and answer a few general discussion questions. 

Long Novel
Telling everything, every detail, every emotion from the start to the finish, leaving nothing out.

Short Story
Quick and to the point, getting my story out but not spending too much time on any details. 

Letters to the Editor
Willing to share what I like and what bothers me, regardless of what others will think about me.

Jump around from one subject to another, giving glimpses of my life for others to enjoy.

Text Book
Sharing my experiences and offering suggestions for others to deal with situations in their life.

Choosing a topic, and talking or debating about it until every aspect is out in the open.

Additional Discussion Questions:

How would others who know you very well describe you?

What type of person would you most likely want for a best friend?

What type of person would you least likely want for a best friend?



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