It's My Money

A silent auction, where everyone is given one hundred dollars to bid on what they want the most.



Contentment, Coveting, Greed, Idols, Treasures, Icebreaker


Copies of handout: Click here  PDF Version


Approximately 10 minutes

catching money   

What you do during class:

Break up into small groups of about four or five. Give each student a copy of the "It's My Money" handout. Students will silently spend $100 any way they wish to bid on the items listed. The object is to place the most money on the item or items that mean the most to them. However, some items of lesser importance to everyone in the group may be able to be purchased for a single dollar, so bid smartly.

Once everyone in the group has placed their bids, together find out who is the higest bidder for each item. Also discuss why that item was so important to the successful bidder.


______ Four front row tickets to that concert of a lifetime

______ A new ride, sleek, fast, hot and sure to impress

______ A closet full of the latest fashions, all a perfect fit

______ Two weeks for you and a guest at an all-inclusive private beach resort

______ An all-expense paid night on the town with limo, music, dinner, dancing, and fun

______ Brand new iPhone and all the accessories

______ Full 2 year scholarship to the college of your choice - no strings attached

______ A new made-to-order laptop with all the bells and whistles

______ One year free rent at an exclusive appartment village

______ A free movie rental pass that is good for life and with no limits 


Discussion Questions:
1. To the successful bidder, why was that item so important to you?
2. If someone gave you the money needed, what would you go out and buy right now? Why?


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