Lasting Influence

Who are the people who make a lasting influence on us?



Acceptance, Influence, Relationships


Quiz Sheets Click here  PDF Version    


Approximately 10 minutes

Lasting Influence

What you will do during class:

Hand out a copy of the quiz sheets to each student. Instruct them to complete the first quiz before going on to second one. The kids may get a couple of the questions on the first quiz correct, but more than likely they will not know most of the answers. Whether or not they are able to answer any of the questions to the first quiz, they will be able to come up with at least three persons for each category on the second quiz.  You will explain why this is true using the discussion questions.

Discussion Questions:

1. Which quiz was easier? Why?

2. What is it about the people in the second set of questions that makes them so special?

3. What sticks out about them?

4. Isn’t it true that the people who make a difference in our lives aren’t those with the highest annual incomes or the most pageant wins, but the people who take time to care?


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