Let's Party

A great celebration is not the same for everyone. By sharing what your ideal party would be like, you can also reveal a little about yourself.



Celebration, Individuality, Fellowship, Icebreaker


Copies of handout: Click here  PDF Version


Approximately 10 minutes

Party Hats



What you do during class:

Break up into small groups of about four or five. Give each student a copy of the "Let's Party" handout. Students will go down the list to plan their ideal party or celebration, by choosing only one of the two options. When finished, they will share their selections with the other members of their group.


For Music:
____ Lively Christian worship songs so everyone can praise God and sing along
____ Good mixture of Rock, Rap, R&B and loud beats to get everyone on their feet

For Food:
____ Hot dogs, hamburgers, snacks, chips and all the condiments you could want
____ Hors d'oeuvres and other culinary delights catered and cooked to perfection

For Dessert:
____ Sweet pleasures, pie, cake, chocolates, enough for all to heap on the pounds
____ Ice cream cones in assorted flavors, simple yet so satisfying

For Beverages:
____ Cans of every type a soft drink imaginable, so no one will be disappointed
____ Lots of ice on hand, and let everyone bring their favorite refreshments  

For Tableware:
____ The best china and crystal in the house, along with impressive shiny silverware
____ Plastic knives, forks, spoons and cups, for no-worry, no-cleanup fun

For Guests:
____ Close friends, so we can all “let our hair down” and have a great time
____ Anyone can come, especially people I don’t know, the more the merrier
For Location:
___  The backyard, for an intimate, familiar setting without any hassles
___  Fancy clubhouse or party room, to provide something different and exciting
Additional Discussion Questions:
What is your favorite celebration? New Year's, your birthday, etc.?
What makes a celebration really great? (food, music, friends, etc.)

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