Life's Hurdles

Life's problems wouldn't be called "hurdles" if there wasn't a way to get over them. -Author Unknown



Evangelism, Obstacles, Sharing, Spiritual Growth, Witnessing


Chairs, Limbo Bar, Boxes, Hoola Hoop, Ect, 


Approximately 15 minutes


What you will do during class:

Create a small obstacle course in your meeting space. It could be a chair slalom, a limbo bar, or a simple physical challenge (doing 10 push-ups). Ask students to try getting from point A to point B with the obstacles in play.

Next ask them to try again while carrying another member of the group. Be sure the obstacles are hard enough that it slows them down a little. After they’ve given it a try, ask them some questions.

Discussion Questions:

1. Why is it easier to do things with no hurdles to jump?
2. Why do you think God gives us obstacles in our faith?
3. Do the hurdles in life make us stronger or weaker?
4. Would I (or whoever you chose) have been able to make it through the obstacle course without your help? What was it like to carry a classmate through it?
5. Who in your life has jumped hurdles to make your connection with Christ a reality?

There are a lot of people we owe a debt of gratitude to for what they’ve meant to our faith. Take a moment to remember some of them now. How might we be able to help others with life's hurdles?

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