Memorable Moments in Acts

A look into the memorable moments that made the Church at Philippi and the Philippians very special to the Apostle Paul.


Hardships, Relationships, Church family


Memorable Moments handout for each person or small group Click here  PDF Version


Approximately 10 minutes

What you will do during class:

Divide the class into small groups of four or five persons. Give each person or small group a copy of the "Memorable Moment" list. Have everyone read Acts: 16:16-40.

Follow the instructions on the bottom of the "Memorable Moment" list.


The Apostle Paul did not think of Philippi as just another church like the one down the street. He regarded the church at Philippi as his home, a place where he stayed for a while. He could name names, picture faces and remember experiences. Experiences, good and bad are what make a place special and memorable to us.


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