Revealing Colors

A friendly way to get to know each other and spread around a little color.



Acceptance, Feelings, Fellowship, Friendship, Icebreaker, Indiviuality


Bags of M&Ms (one bag for each group)


Approximately 10 minutes

yellow girl

What you will do during class:

Break up into groups of four or five and give each a bag of M&Ms.

Explain what each color M&M means from the color key below.

The groups will open the bag, and let each person in turn pour a few M&Ms into his or her hand.
Then that person shares several things about him or herself, depending on which colors he or she has according to the color key. Then the next person does the same until everyone in the group has a chance to share. And yeah, go ahead and eat the M&Ms when finished sharing.

Color Key

Share something about you that others may see as a “red flag”.
(Example: I bite my nails, I smoke, I lose my temper easily)

Share how you got the “green light” to get to know Jesus.
(Example: your own brief testimony about receiving Christ, or when you started attending church)

Share something that you like about your “true blue” best friend.
(Example: he or she is always there for me, he or she likes me just the way I am, etc.)

Share something that really makes you "frown", perhaps a pet peeve.

Share something that really "brightens" up your day and makes you smile.

If you could "change" one thing about yourself, what would it be?


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