Standing On Common Ground

It might be surprising to find out what you have in common with others standing around you.



Acceptance, Boredom Buster, Fellowship, Icebreaker, Indiviuality




Approximately 10 minutes

 standing crowd

What you will do during class:

You will have all of the students respond to a series of statements, by either standing up if the statement is "true," about themselves, or sitting down if the statement is "false." The following statements are suggestions, and you may want to add some of your own. The object is for the students to quickly get to know each other a little better by finding out what others have in common with them.

After reading each statement, allow sufficient time for everyone to respond and look around to see who has something in common with them. This works for those sitting as well as those standing.

True or False Statements

1. I have an older brother or sister
2. I am wearing something blue
3. I skipped breakfast this morning
4. Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth
5. When I lose my temper, you don't want to be around me
6. I "love" cats
7. I never had an anchovy pizza
8. I cry when watching sad movies
9. I'm taller than one of my parents
10. I really like broccoli
11. My favorite color is green
12. I am the youngest child in our family
13. I have bleached or dyed my hair
14. I can touch my tongue to my nose
15. Right now, my room is a mess
16. I would rather spend a quiet evening at home than go to a party

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