Blanket Name Game

A fun and fast-paced icebreaker that helps students learn each other's names. 


Boredom Buster, Icebreaker




Approximately 15 minutes

My Name is

What you will do:

Have the kids take a few moments to introduce themselves to the others in the group. Once the introductions are complete, divide the students into two teams. Have each team sit on the floor facing each other. Have two volunteers hold up a blanket between the two groups like a curtain, so that neither team can see the other. Each team quietly selects one member of their team to stand closest to the blanket facing the other team.

When both teams are ready drop the blanket. The first person to correctly call out the name of the opposing player wins the round. The team that wins the round gets one point.  If neither player can name the other, the round is a draw.

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