Most Popular

Do you know what teens want to be? In this game, contestants get points for correctly guessing the most popular answers given by their peers.


Choices, Individuality, Peer Pressure, Boredom Buster, Icebreaker


Question Cards Click here  PDF Version
Pencil and paper for keeping score
Small prizes, candy etc. for winners


Approximately 20 minutes


Popular crowd

What you will do:

Before starting this game, print and cut out one set of the Question Cards. During class, ask for three volunteers (two if you have a small class) to be contestants on a make believe show called “Most Popular.” Place the cards upside down on a table.

One at a time, the contestants will pick one of the cards and hand it to the host (leader). The host will read the question on the card out loud to the entire class. Everyone in the audience will silently write down their answer to the question. Then, the contestant guesses what the most popular answer is, and says it out loud. Everyone in the audience who also wrote down that answer must raise their hand, and be counted. The contestant receives the number of points to equal the number of hands raised.

Then the next contestant picks a card, and the same process is followed. There are twelve cards, so each contestant gets four attempts to pick the most popular answer, and rack up points.

The contestant with the most points at the end wins the game.

The host (leader) holds onto the cards, and reads them one by one to everyone. After each question is read, all three contestants silently jot down what they believe will be the most popular answer. It is okay if more than one contestant writes down the same answer. The audience also writes down their answer as before. Total up the hands that match what each contestant guessed.

The questions on the cards are also great for group discussion. Print one set of cards for each group. Then each person picks one card from the pile, and gives an answer. In this case, each student should also explain why. Then the next person picks a different card. Continue until all the cards are gone.

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