Pass It On

Sharing our faith is not always easy, but in this simple game, we see how others can benefit when we do.


Evangelism, Sharing, Testimony, Witnessing, Boredom Buster


Balloons (one for each team)
Baseball caps (one for each team)
Markers (Chairs, cones, trash cans, etc.)


Approximately 15 minutes

balloon girl

What you will do:

Divide into team of 3, 4, or 5. All teams need to have the same number of players. If your class only has five people, you can do it as a non-competitive game. Give each team a baseball cap and a balloon. Set up two markers at oposite ends of the room. You can use chairs, orange cones, or whatever is handy for markers.

The cap can be dented or shaped in a certain way to hold the balloon. The first player at the start of the game places the balloon on the cap. The goal is for each team member, one at a time, to walk from one marker to the other and back while balancing the balloon on his or her hat. Then, they must pass the hat, with the balloon, to the next player. This is difficult, but possible. The first team to have each member complete the walk is the winner.

When passing the hat, players cannot touch the balloon, only the hat. They can lift the hat off their heads, and place it on the next player's head.

If the balloon falls off the hat at any time, either while passing to the next player or walking from one marker to the other, the player making the error must start over. Play until you have a winner, or as time permits.


Discussion Questions:

1. What was hard about that game? (Passing, balancing, working within the limitations.)
2. How was that game like evangelism? (It’s hard to pass on our faith, etc.)
3. How did it make you feel when the player after you was ready to go?


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