Quick Draw

Similar to the game Pictionary®, teams quickly draw out familiar words or phrases from the Bible to gain the most points. 


Bible Themes, Boredom Buster


Timer set to one minute
Quick Draw Cards Click here PDF Version
Whiteboard and dry erase markers


Approximately 20 minutes

pencil drawing

What you will do:

Before starting this game, have a timer and cards ready. Separate the class into two or more teams, and stack all the quick draw cards face down. One member from the first team takes a card. He or she then draws what is on the card while the other members of the same team try to guess what is on the card by shouting out their answers.

If the team guesses correctly before the minute is up, they get the number of points shown on that card. If they fail, the other team(s) receive that number of points.

Have members of each team alternate picking up a quick draw card from the sack, and play for a specific number of complete rounds. Declare the team with the most points at the end of the rounds the winner.

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