Two Truths - One Lie

How easy is it to fall for a lie? A game of deductive reasoning.


Lying, Truthfulness, Boredom Buster, Icebreaker


None needed


Approximately 10 minutes

 Crossed Fingers

What you will do:

Break up into groups of four or five. Give each individual in the group a chance to be "it" and tell the others in the group two truths and one lie. Instruct students to be ready to announce two things about themselves that are true and one thing that is a lie. It can be anything: talents, life events, but only two things can actually be true. One must be a lie.

The others in the group are allowed to ask one question and will then take turns guessing which statements were true and which statement was a lie. Feel free to play with the students. This is a fun game that helps students get to know one another while at the same time develop skills of deductive reasoning. It is also a great way of introducing the difference between truth and lies.

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