What's My Fancy?

Earn the most points to show how well you know the persons sitting next to you.


Acceptance, Behavior, Choices, Icebreaker, Individuality


What's My Preference? handout Click here PDF Version


Approximately 12 minutes

chicken bucket

What you will do:

Beak up into small groups of about four or five. Give each student a copy of the handout.

One person reads each statement in the boxes below as the others in the group try to guess how he or she will complete them. After the person reveals his or her choice, whoever guessed correctly receives the number of points given to that box. After completing all six boxes, the next person in the group reads each of the statements while the others try to guess his or her preferences (fancies).

Continue until everyone in the group goes through each of the six boxes. The one with the most points at the end wins the game. Allow time for each group to complete the game.

For 1 point, my fancy would be to eat at:
__ a fast food restaurant __ a fancy restaurant

For 2 points, my fancy would be to marry someone who is:
__ wealthy __ good looking __ has a great sense of humor

For 3 points, my fancy is to watch:
__ sports __ suspense drama __ romance __ comedy

For 4 points, when shopping for clothes, my fancy is to:
__ shop all day for bargains __ go to one store and get out quick __ try on everything
__ buy what someone else suggests __ buy things without trying them on first

For 5 points, the piece of chicken I fancy most is:
__ drumstick __ wing __ thigh __ breast __ liver

For 10 points, for a honeymoon, my fancy would be:
__ Niagara Falls __ a luxurious Beach Resort __ a rain forest or jungle adventure
__ any nearby hotel for privacy __ camping in the mountains __ a Caribbean cruise

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