Who Is Leading Whom?

Leaders are not always perfect. Sometimes a true leader is hard to find. However, when we allow Jesus to be the Lord of our life, He will never lead us astray.


Boredom Buster, Choices, Guidance, Icebreaker, Leadership




Approximately 15 minutes

Maze of Leaders

What you will do:

Arrange the chairs into a large circle and have everyone sit down. Then, have one student volunteer to leave the room until called. While away, the rest of the class selects one person to be the leader.

When the volunteer returns to the room, he or she will find everyone following the leader, but will not know who the leader is. The class tries to notice what the leader is doing and do the same, but without looking directly at the leader so as not to give him or her away. The leader should change actions about every 15 seconds or so. Naturally, the leader should try to change actions when the volunteer is not looking directly at him or her.

Actions can be whatever the leader wishes. Some examples are rubbing eyes, popping zits, coughing violently, slapping face, etc.

When the volunteer discovers the leader, he or she becomes the next volunteer to leave the room, and the class chooses another leader.

Discussion Questions:
1. Leaders: How did it feel knowing the class would follow your every action?
2. Followers: What if the leader did something questionable--would you still follow for the sake of tricking the volunteer?
3. When should we follow someone in a leadership role?
4. How do we know that we can trust the leadership of Jesus?


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