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God provides Christians with many opportunities to make a real difference in this world. This lesson series will help equip students to serve those around them, helping to meet the spiritual needs of others, while remaining grounded in their own faith by cultivating strong friendships with other believers.

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Lesson 1 - Paul's Relationship with the Philippians

A look into Paul's relationship with the Christians in Philippi and how the people we know can affect our relationship with Christ.
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Lesson 2 - Seize the Day

A study of the circumstances that affected Paul's witness and how we can learn from his experience to seize the day for Jesus.
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Lesson 3 - Who Do You Think You Are?

Discover how we can serve others with joy and humility through Christ's example.
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Lesson 4 - I Got Your Back

A lesson on how to build strong relationships and look out for one another as genuine brothers and sisters in Christ.
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Lesson 5 - What Really Matters

Discover how we can leave what is behind and press on to grow closer to Jesus.
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Lesson 6 - Stand Firm

In this lesson, the students will learn how they must stand firm and hold on till the day of resurrection with our Lord.
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Lesson 7 - Be Near, Oh God

Teaching that God's presence is a large part of Christian living, and how we can grow in our spiritual discipline.
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Lesson 8 - More than Enough

God knows what we need, but gives us so much more. This lesson in Philippians shows the importance and urgency of helping others in need.
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