The Writings

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The Wisdom Writings guide us as we experience the joys and struggles of everyday life. These books encourage us to make wise choices, living our lives in a manner that would please God and shun the foolish lifestyle that leads to death.

The Writings

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Lesson 1 - Overview of Job

This lesson familiarizes students with the book of Job and will motivate them to consider trials a joy, realizing trials help them to mature in their faith.
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Lesson 2 - Overview of Psalms

Understand the basic structure of the Psalms and motivate students to express themselves to God in greater ways.
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Lesson 3 - Overview of Proverbs

Students are inspired to desire wisdom and gain a basic understanding of the structure and themes of Proverbs.
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Lesson 4 - Overview of Ecclesiastes/Song of Solomon

This lesson seeks to reveal the meaning of life and the meaning of true love.
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