October Glow

Celebrating a familiar fall festival in a non-traditional way gives one young adult a new kind of glow. 


Acceptance, Celebration, Christianity, Church, Halloween, Outreach, Witnessing, 

(Note: Many Christian believers feel any substitution for Halloween is wrong, while others believe alternative celebrations are good for community outreach and to promote Christian values. Your decision to use or not use this skit should be based upon your personal views.)

What you need:

Participants: 2 persons (David, Johnny)
Props: Mask, lots of candy, large bowls, bales of hay (optional)
Skit only: Click Here  PDF Version


Approximately 15 minutes


SCENE 1 (At David's house)

(David and Johnny sitting in the living room at David's house)
Johnny: "Hey bud, do you have a costume yet for Halloween?"
David:  "No, I don't wear costumes on Halloween."
Johnny: "Yeah? Anyway, you don't need one, your face is good enough!" (slaps David on the back)
David: "Cool, so my baby face will calm the scared kids huh?" (grins sarcastically from ear to ear at Johnny)
Johnny: "Seriously, everyone's going to Mike's house tomorrow night. We're partying, dude, and I heard there are a lot of girls coming!"
David:  "Nah, I don't do Halloween. Besides, I help my Mom volunteer at church that night."
Johnny: "Are you serious? You'd rather be with your mom than meeting lots of girls? This is a-once-a-year opportunity, and especially good for you since you're new in town."
David:   "I'm planning to try out for the football team. I'll meet lots of girls that way too. Besides, I prefer to meet girls at church."
Johnny: "Man, just by looking at you, no one would ever suspect you're such a geek!"
David: "Thank you very much! I do a lot of heavy lifting at church, you know, volunteer work."
Johnny: "Seriously, just listening to you and about church is making me holy already. Aw, come on, you're going to miss all the fun tomorrow night at Mike's."
David: "How about you come with me to my church tonight and help me set up for tomorrow's "Trunk or Treat" party? I'll show you some real fun."
Johnny: "No offense bud, but I'm not into Jesus. I already know a lot of Jesus freaks at school."
David:  "What's wrong with Jesus? Did He offend you?"
Johnny: "That's a trick question. (pauses for a moment) Hmmm, no I guess not. I really don't know that much about him. All I know is that He is into politics, a God or something, and He makes Christian freaks."
David: "Is that your own opinion or just something you've heard?"
Johnny:  (Shrugs his shoulders) "Don't Know!" 
David: "Johnny, that's just dumb, having an opinion over something you don't really know about. Why don't you come with me tonight and maybe you'll learn some of the facts about Jesus and all the Christian freaks." (winks at Johnny)
Johnny: "Ah, you're good, you're luring me in!"
David: "Am I? Are you not a bit curious about Jesus? You seem to know a lot about Halloween, but you're hesitant to learn anything about the controversy of Jesus."
Johnny: "Halloween is fun, especially going to those scary places. It's a great chance to meet girls, dude, girls! What is fun about Jesus? 
David: "So, are you coming?"
Johnny: "I bet I'm gonna be sorry. Alright, alright, I'll go. As long as I don't have to sit down and listen to some sermons. There better be at least some good eats. Oh, and can I wear a mask? This way no one will recognize me." 
(David rolls his eyes as both boys get up and walk off stage)

SCENE 2 (At church)

(David and Johnny are standing next to a table with candy and boxes. Johnny is wearing a mask and  putting pieces of candy into several large bowls.) 
Johnny: "These candies are so tempting! (puts one into his mouth) I hope you guys have a lot more for tomorrow. By the way, I saw two wagons in the parking lot filled with hay. What are they for?"
David:  "We do hayrides here. One for the younger kids and another for young adults our age. Our hay ride goes farther, to the lake area where we have a bonfire, lots of good food, and singing. Sometimes the chaperones have some surprise games lined up for us too."
Johnny: "That sounds like fun. I have never done anything like that before. Do you guys do that all the time?"
David: "Do you mean during Halloween? Yes, it is a more wholesome and safer thing for kids to do during this time of the year. Parents can keep a closer eye on what their kids do here at church. For us young adults, the church sponsors lots of other activities during the rest of the year. We go on campouts, kayaking, or hiking. Sometimes, our sponsors take us on surprise trips."
Johnny: "Are there a lot of girls to meet too?"
David:  "Is that your only purpose in life, meeting girls?"
Johnny: "I'm a guy, that's normal. Anyway, seriously, I'm enjoying my stay here right now. I see all kinds of kids having fun, even with their parents. Going door to door for candy is not really much fun. I went with my niece and nephew last year and after getting their candy, they're done. It would be nice if they could come here tomorrow instead."
David:  "Of course they can come. The invitation is for everyone. We'll have all kinds of games to play, lots of candy I assure you, and the kids will love the hayrides."
Johnny: "Oh my gosh, look over there! That brunette, do you know her? Is she a Christian too?"
David:  "That's Kelly. She drives the hay wagon for the young adults."
Johnny: "I can't wait to meet her!"
David:  "Sorry pal, she's married."
Johnny: "How do I meet someone like her?"
David: "First, remove the silly mask you're wearing right now. Second, come back tomorrow for the hayride. You'll meet all kinds of people our age."
Johnny: "You know what? I like you, David. You're not like those other Christians I hear about. You're easy to talk to and you don't preach to me. So far, you have not ignored me or judged me for all the stupid things I talk about. My other friends and I go places and do stuff that sometimes makes me feel guilty. Here, I put candy in these bowls, and it actually feels kind of good."
David: "You're putting candy in a bowl, what's special about that?"
Johnny:  "Well, for once, I have not thought about trying to tamper with it. You really don't want to know what I did last year."
David:  "Oh boy, I should keep an eye on you!" (grins at Johnny)
Johnny:  "Nah, it was a juvenile thing I did last year, nothing really serious. Anyway, around you, I seem to want to do the right thing. It's like you're telling me to be good, but you're not really saying anything to me."
David: "If I have a good influence on you, I'm glad that you like my company. The thing is, it is easy to find friends here that you will be comfortable hanging out with. Not everyone will be perfect for you, but at least you will find others who have faith in Jesus and follow His teachings in their lives."
Johnny:  "You mean preachy and holier than thou?"
David: "I hope not. Anyway, if that's the case, there won't be any more people wanting to become followers of Jesus."
Johnny:  "You're right. So far, none of the people here have given me the cold shoulder, even wearing this silly mask." (removes mask)
David: "That's much better. Now people can see your October glow!"
Johnny:  "Hah hah! Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with my niece and nephew. Also, if you pick me up next Sunday, just maybe I'll try out your church."
David: "I will, bro, as long as you don't wear that mask again!"
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