You Dirty Demons

Many demons can possess a man, but the Lord can see the real person inside. In this skit, the Lord speaks, and the demons freak.



Affliction, Demons, Satan, Evil, Mercy, Miracles 

What you need:

Participants: 3 persons (Jesus, Legion, man)
Props: None
Skit only: Click Here  PDF Version


Approximately 15 minutes

 demon possessed man


(The man is standing with the person playing the part of Legion standing behind him, tightly holding his shoulders)
Legion: (Looking around nervously) "Hmmm, I feel a presence that doesn’t feel right."
Man:  "Aaargh, have mercy, leave me alone" 
Legion:  "Be quiet! Nobody’s going to help you, You’re stuck in eternity with us!"
(The demon squeezes the man's shoulders to hurt him, and the man jumps around as if dancing. Then Jesus walks up.)
Jesus: (Looking at the man straight in the eyes) "I see that you are not well. What is your name?"
Legion:  (Almost yelling) "The question should be, who are we? We are Legion, because we are many demons!" 
Jesus:   "Do you not fear that your days are numbered?  What benefit is there for you to live where you do?" 
Legion:   (Backing up a litte bringing the man with him) "Ahh, Jesus of Nazareth! So nice of you to say hello."
Jesus: "I didn't come to have a visit with you. Again I ask, why are you in this man?"
Legion:  (Laughing) "Son of God as you claim to be, how is it you don’t know why we like it here?" 
Jesus:   "You called me Son of God!  So you know who I am then!  Yet, still you think you can do what ever you want. Do you not even fear me?"
Legion:   "You are just another man. Nobody really believes you are who you claim to be.  You even have recruits to help you. Tell us, Son of God, don’t we have a right to be here?"
Jesus:  "Your time is up!" 
Legion:  "Really! You have no power over us. We like it here. Surely, one man’s soul, especially this one, is not much for you to lose." 
Man:  "Have mercy Lord! Help me!"
Legion:  (Shouting and twisting the man) "Be quiet, or be killed! Now you wouldn’t want that would you, Jesus!!”
Jesus:  "A man’s soul is not for you to control" 
Legion:  "Hah, are you blind, see what we can do to him!" 
(Legion takes the man and moves him around the room, and the man jumps around. Then the man falls to the ground with the demons hanging over him.)
Legion:  “Look, Jesus, we are many, you are one, try us, see how strong we are.” 
Jesus:  "You think you are strong because you can control what is physical, but man's faith will decide if he will submit to you or not."
Legion:  "What faith?  Man is weak! Make them suffer physically, and their mind and soul will surrender to us.”
Jesus:  "A man’s life in eternity does not depend on what is seen and felt."
Legion:  "We all have fears, Son of God. Even you are afraid. You know your time is almost up too." 
Jesus:  "Earthly fear is no concern of mine or yours. It is my Father's Will that you should fear."
Legion:  (Standing up and bringing the man with him) "Aww, come on!!" 
Jesus:  "Your time is up! It's time to leave! BE GONE!" 
Legion:  (Looking around) "Nnnoooooo!" 
(The man falls back to the ground as Legion leaves the room) 
Jesus:  (Speaking gently) "Get up." 
Man:  (Grabbing hold of Jesus) "Thank you for having mercy on me, Jesus of Nazareth!" 
Jesus:  "Go home now, and see your family, and tell them what I have done." 
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