Parents Who Support the Ministry

This can mean a lot of things, not the least of which is that discipleship goes on in your own home. But as a church and a student ministry, we really do seek to partner with you in this effort.

This post is all about ways you can support our student ministry and help us forge an effective partnership in pointing your son or daughter toward Jesus.

The main way that you can support our ministry is by doing what has already been stated--having a commitment to Jesus that is your own and by making your home a center of discipleship. Some of you are already doing those things (if not...don’t stress the previous blogs for ideas on how to take a step in that direction).

There are other ways our ministry can be supported as well. Consider these questions:

Do you make sure that your kids are showing up? What priority do church activities take in your family? What’s more important?

We know folks are busy. Believe it or not, we’re busy too! But ask yourself this question: what is more important than being a part of the church? What is more valuable than your son or daughter being around adults who are pointing them toward Jesus and around students who are seeking Jesus, too?

There is nothing wrong with playing sports, being in clubs, or making good grades. When I was in high school I ran cross country, played basketball, was in the choir, FFA, 4-H, was a mentor to younger students, was on the quiz bowl team, and did a whole lot of other stuff. I bucked hay bales in the summer and worked part time at Wal-Mart. Somehow, I managed to make the honor roll every semester.

Nothing took precedence over my youth group and church attendance, however. I missed team camps to go to church camp. I left practice early to go to church. I gave up position in clubs because officers meetings were on the same nights as youth group.

I am now 31 years old. And you know what?

Today I don’t run, I am not in the NBA, never sing publicly, don’t have any livestock, have never made it on Jeopardy (or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, though I’ve auditioned for both). My honor roll newspaper clippings are somewhere at my mothers house, a relic to my adolescent achievement. Those things have faded to the background.

I am still walking with Jesus, however, and I’ve never regretted a single decision about what role the church played in my life during my formative years.

An unapologetic challenge to every parent reading: look at your calendar. What is your student doing that is more important than learning to love and serve Jesus. If you can identify an item, by all means throw the full weight of your finances, time, and energy behind it.

If you can’t find something more important, reconsider your priorities and how you allow your son or daughter or son to spend their time.

Ask yourself the question this way: is a B+ and a life lived for Jesus better than an A and a kid disconnected from the body of Christ?

Have you ever considered volunteering in our ministry?

In a growing ministry, we’re constantly looking for help. How better to partner than to be involved in the ministry that your kid is a part of? There are lots of ways you can help: greet new students and families, help us teach Bible studies or lead small groups, attend special events, or support a family who can’t afford to send their student to a camp or conference.

It has been famously stated for centuries that it takes a village to raise a child. Be a part of that village!

Are you praying for our ministry?

Chances are, on your way to work or while you run errands, you pass a school. Would you be willing to pray for our ministry every time you do? Could you pray for us when you have your own quiet time and Bible study? Can you find another parent in the lobby on Sunday, pull them aside, and pray for them?

When we work, we work. When we pray, God works. Will you be a prayer warrior for our student ministry? Here are some ways you can be praying:

    • Pray for protection for our ministry’s leadership
    • Pray for the families in our ministry, that they would stay together
    • Pray for the broken families in our ministry, that they would reconcile
    • Pray for our students as they go through their day in school, that they might be light
    • Pray for our life groups, that they would be safe places for students to be nurtured in the faith
    • Pray that you would be willing to be an answer to any of these prayers if God calls you to do so

Parents who support our ministry make our ministry more significant and more influential. And think of doesn’t require that much more time to get your kids here, say a daily prayer for the work that we’re doing, or ask a volunteer if there is anything they need. In doing so, you are exponentially increasing the effectiveness of what we do.

Thanks for having the courage to partner with us in ministry!

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