Communication: The Newcomer

Bridging the communication gap between the newcomer and the rest of the class

Sometimes, it’s pretty hard and intimidating for someone to be the new person at church or in a youth group. A great solution is the designated “Welcome Person.

The “Welcome Person” is someone who has a great attitude, is kind, and understands how it is sometimes hard to be new to the whole Sunday school thing. Every group has one or more outstanding individuals who would like to take on this important role.

The “Welcome Person” should not come right out and say, “Hi…I’m the welcome person,” but instead, simply introduce themselves to the newcomer as they would any other person. The key mission for this job is to get to know the new person, sit with him or her, if possible, and make the new student feel welcome. The “Welcome Person” can also share what’s going on in the class or group gatherings and help with explaining the way the class prepares and participates in lessons or other activities. Additionally, of much importance, this person can invite the newcomer back to class next week, and if possible follow up with him or her the day before.

Having one or more “Welcome Persons” to bridge the communication gap is so important, because it will help the newcomer feel comfortable in class and willing to come back, and therefore, able to become closer to God.

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